Return of the stock market in the third week of October/ escape of 3000 billion tomans of real money from the market

According to Tejarat News, the weekly candle of the capital market closed down at the end of today’s trading as in the last five weeks. A look at this week’s stock market transactions shows that the total index decreased by 3.2% during this week and reached two million and 19 thousand units from two million and 69 thousand units.

In this five-day path, the equal weight index was with the total index and decreased by 3.18%. So that the equal weight index reached 690 thousand units from the level of 715 thousand units this week.

Trading power was low in the third week of October and even less compared to last week. A closer look at the transactions of the third week shows that the stock market traded an average of seven billion and 360 million shares per day, and the value of the transactions was 4,125 billion tomans. Finally, it should be said that this week, more than 2,900 billion tomans of real capital was withdrawn from the capital market under the tension of the Israel-Hamas war.

The trading process of the third week of Mehr

The stock market started in the third week of October while the shadow of the war between Hamas and Israel was felt over the market transactions from the very first minutes. The same thing caused the total index to decrease by 0.81 percent on the first day of the week. At the end of the stock market on Saturday, the equal weight index decreased by 0.94% and reached 709 thousand units.

On Sunday, however, the tension between Israel and Hamas escalated and affected the Iranian capital market. This caused the stock market indices to experience a heavy fall. So that at the end of the Sunday stock market, the total index decreased by 2.51% and the weighted index decreased by 3.67%.

On Monday, the shadow of the war was felt over the transactions. with the difference that, as usual, with the change of index-making shares, the total index turned green. But the equal-weighted index, which expresses the market view truthfully, reported a decrease of 0.33% in the average equal-weighted market.

On Tuesday, however, as the war fever subsided in the market, the course of the stock indices changed. So that at the end of the stock exchange on Tuesday, the total index increased by 0.42% and the weighted index increased by 0.73%. The same trend continued on the last day of the week and both the total index and the equal weight index went up by 0.29% and 0.65% respectively.

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