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Review of the plan to support the economy of culture and creative cultural industries in the parliament

Gholamreza Montazeri reported on the details of the meeting on the economics of culture: “In 1401, the approval of the plan to support the economy of culture and creative cultural industries is on the agenda of the commission. To activate this plan, meetings will be held.” “We have started with specialists and experts in various devices.”

The representative of Gorgan and Aqqala in the Islamic Consultative Assembly added: “This meeting was held in the presence of representatives from the Ministries of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, Academy of Arts, Art Universities, Parliamentary Research Center and Artists Support Fund in the Ministry of Culture and Guidance.” . »

Montazeri continued: “In this meeting, the general plan of the economy of culture and creative cultural industries was discussed and it was decided to hold specialized meetings with the deputy ministers from this week, for example, a meeting of the deputy minister of arts with art associations, cultural deputy with “Cultural associations, a cinema organization with cinema people, a press deputy with journalists, and the problems of each area have been independently examined to assess the expectations of the people of culture and art and to pay special attention to them in legislation.”

A member of the country’s public culture council stressed: “In this meeting, it was decided that disturbing, contradictory and inefficient laws will be monitored by research groups and submitted to the cultural commission.”

In the end, the member of the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly noted: “In July, the generals of this project will be collected in cooperation with the Parliamentary Research Center.”

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