Russia: The West did not forget the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Europe

According to Fars International News Agency, Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian Presidential Palace, said in an interview with “Russia 24” TV channel on Sunday (April 9) that the West does not remember the US nuclear weapons in Europe, but that Moscow intends to build a warehouse for such weapons in Belarus. He shows a hysterical reaction.

According to Tass news agency, this senior Russian official said: The entire West does not want to remember the issue of American nuclear weapons that are stationed in Europe around our country, but they tend to react hysterically to our plans to create storage facilities for tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. to show

Washington has an estimated stockpile of about 3,800 nuclear warheads deployed on ICBMs, submarines, and strategic bombers. As part of NATO’s deterrence strategy, America is deploying its nuclear weapons in Europe and beyond.

The exact number and location of these weapons are also confidential, but it is believed that about 100 B61 bombs are stored in five NATO member countries, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The weapons are part of a reform of NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangements, under which non-nuclear nations (such as Germany) participate in nuclear planning and training with the United States.

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