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The municipality should provide compensation to the citizens

According to the urban correspondent of Fars news agency, Ahmad Sadeghi said in the 138th session of the council and in a note regarding the compliance with the executive regulations of the law on the preservation and expansion of green spaces, he said: According to the executive regulations of the law on the preservation and expansion of green spaces in cities approved 6/1401 17/ The Supreme Council of Provinces, which has been notified to the provincial councils all over the country and also to the Tehran City Council, this regulation should be used as a criterion for action.

He added: According to this bylaw, the membership of the city council representative in the commissions of Article 7 of the aforementioned bylaws has only been specified by one person and one member. However, the introduction of a few people as city council representatives in the commission of a region, in addition to being against the regulations, has caused confusion in the regions and blocked the process and the failure of the system. Even if more than one commission is formed, only one council member should be nominated as a representative of each commission.

Sadeghi further stated: A large number of citizens in relation to the real estate case in the process of issuing permits, due to this confusion and the stoppage in the process of issuing decisions, could not pay the fees based on the daily rate in 1401. In addition to the fact that Tehran Municipality was deprived of these complications, it has caused damage to the citizens. For this reason, Tehran Municipality should identify these owners and provide a compensation mechanism for the damage caused to them.

A member of the Tehran Islamic Council said: Also, according to this regulation, only real estate cases should be referred to the Islamic City Council if they meet the conditions for the certification of a garden in accordance with Part 5, Paragraph “D” and other conditions for the recognition of a garden should only be dealt with in the Article 7 Commission. and there is no need to plan in the city council. But many of the presented cases do not meet the conditions of the 5th paragraph “d”.

Sadeghi further added: Also, according to the regulations, in order to meet the requirements for the recognition of a garden according to the 5th clause “d”, the Islamic councils of the cities must first approve the specific terms and conditions of this clause, and after the approval of the supreme council of the provinces, it is possible to act on that basis. and act But still without the approval of these criteria, the identification of the garden and the issuance of the city council’s decision will not have a basis.

Sadeghi also reminded: The Parks and Green Space Organization is responsible for the proper implementation of Article 7 commission decisions, and it is responsible for creating any special access to edit fees and change fees against laws and regulations. Unfortunately, during the last days of the year, they create special access for the mayor of the region, and this is against the law. What does this mean that three people in the commission vote and sign, but the mayor of the area has special access, which is against the law. The implementation of any legal changes in taxes should be done only through the secretariat.

He continued: According to the conditions and time facilities of the city council members and the specifications of the executive regulations, it is suggested:

1- As soon as possible, the cases will be reconciled with the code of practice, and the cases outside the code will be removed from the agenda of the city council.

2- The criteria of part 5 of clause “d” should be prepared and referred to the city council so that after the final approval of the supreme council of the provinces, the criteria of action will be set to minimize the application of personal preferences.

3- Similar to the procedure and distribution of cases in Article 100 commissions, cases outside the regional monopoly are randomly sent to the members of the city council in order to register the signature of the member of the city council.

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