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Russian Volleyball League A big victory for Yaran Esfandiar/ The Iranian star shone again

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, in the week of the Russian Volleyball League, Gazprom Ugra and Ural Ufa teams faced each other, and this match was won with the result of 3:1 and with the points of 19:25, 29:27, 22:25 and 21:25. Ufa was terminated.

Amirhossein Esfandiar, the national team of the Ural Ufa volleyball team, played in this match as part of his team and was able to perform well. He alone managed to score 17 points for his team to be one of the pillars of Ufa’s victory in this game.

In this game, Esfandiar scored 13 points from attack, 2 points from service and 2 points from defense on the net for his team.

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