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Sahra Asadollahi: The short film is the most accurate and concise medium of cinema

According to the theater correspondent of Fars News Agency, Sahra Asadollahi is a film, theater and television actor who has an active and continuous presence in the field of acting and directing short films.

This artist recently attended the 25th South Korean Women’s Festival to direct the short film “Spasm”. The short films “Camera Test”, “Spasm” and “Massage” as well as the documentary “Abbas Dariush” are among the works of this artist in the field of directing.

Emphasizing his interest in short films, he said: I have appeared in many short films since the beginning of my career. The films that I like being in far more than being in movies and TV series and I am proud of them.

Asadollahi continued: With the passing of time and stabilization of my artistic position in the field of acting in cinema and television, I am still very interested in short films. In my opinion, the short film has made great progress, and this makes me stand by my usual position regarding this fascinating independent cinema.

This artist stated: Short films are not only inferior to long films in terms of quality and content, but in my opinion they are even higher in many cases, and for this reason, I still, always and always, if I have a good and high-quality short film offer, I will recommend it. I welcome and will act in these works.

The director of the short film “Spasm” said: “Tehran International Short Film Festival is so important to me that it is not possible to ignore the works present in this artistic event.” I have seen many outstanding works in this festival.

Stating that short cinema is his favorite medium, he continued: “Tehran International Short Film Festival and Cinema-Hegrit Festival are artistic events that I always look forward to watching.”

Asadollahi stated: My first and most important concern as an actor is to act in a short film about the story and the narrative that it deals with. Actually, I think about the story before I think about the role. First, I read the script, if I liked the story and the role was suitable, I would definitely accept to play the role in front of the directors’ cameras.

Referring to his presence at the 25th South Korean Women’s Festival, he noted: I recently went to South Korea for the short film “Spasm” and the film was well received. Fortunately, international short cinema festivals take Iran very seriously and attach great value and importance to it. This issue goes back to the efforts of Iranian filmmakers in producing high-quality and valuable works, and this position is a place of happiness for us.

He added: It is definitely a difficult task to convey a message to the audience in terms of technique and content in a short time of 10 to 15 minutes and be able to communicate with them.

This actor stated that the Iranian Youth Cinema Association has a correct artistic approach towards the filmmakers of short films. He said: The Iranian Youth Cinema Association, especially in recent years, has a more artistic and correct view of movies. The artistic view and support of the association for the preparation and production of works make me very interested in working with this association as a short film curator.

Stating that the Iranian Youth Cinema Association has a brilliant record in the field of short film production, he said: the vision and world of the association is very close to young filmmakers and always tries to support works as much as possible, which is very important.

In the end, Sahra Asadollahi said: the short film is the most correct, the most effective and the most concise medium of cinema. Today’s audiences are very impatient, and perhaps one of the reasons for the return of prominent filmmakers to short films is to pay attention to the audience’s boredom. Today’s audiences do not spend much time watching and paying for long films, and for this reason, they prefer short films in order to spend less time and get a valuable message and content in this short period of time.

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