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Scientists warn of unprecedented heat in Europe turning into annual event

“New research shows that heat waves and forest fires that wreaked havoc in Europe this summer probably would not have happened without global warming,” the Guardian reported on Wednesday, according to IRNA.

The summer of 2021 was the hottest year on the continent, with average temperatures reaching about one degree Celsius above normal, with rising temperatures causing deforestation and premature death.

Researchers have examined the extent to which the climate crisis is contributing to global warming. Increased carbon dioxide emissions since the 1990s have led to a decrease in the frequency of temperature increases every three years.

The study coincides with the Glasgow Climate Summit, and scientists say an unprecedented heat year if countries fail to significantly reduce emissions by 2030 and meet zero carbon targets by 2050. 2021 will be repeated every year until the end of this century.

In this study, using 14 climatic models, it was investigated how the repetition of this summer heat will be without human intervention and with human intervention.

Other similar research has confirmed the link between global warming and other extreme weather conditions. Climate change has made unprecedented heat waves in the Arctic in January and February 2020 at least 600 times and floods in Germany and Belgium nine times more likely in July.

Bob Ward, political director at the Granham Climate Research Institute at the London School of Economics, said research shows that the unprecedented summer heat is due to climate change in which humans are involved and is due to fossil fuels and other human activities. Is.

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“The cost to humans and wildlife is significant, and the heat wave has killed many people across continental Europe,” he said. Temperatures in Europe will continue to rise sharply for the next 30 years, until world leaders come up with a solution to zero emissions.

Previous research has shown that a severe heat wave in 2017 that caused deadly forest fires in Portugal and Spain is 10 times more likely due to global warming. In Portugal, 64 people were killed in the fires. According to research, global warming also increased the likelihood of floods in Britain and France in 2000.


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