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Sean Penn’s “Black Flies” shocked Cannes!/ Chaos in New York

“Black Flies” by Jean-Stephen Savard, starring Sean Penn, rocked Cannes with violent images.

Charso Press: Quoted in Variety, Sean Penn The other day, he went on the red carpet of the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which hosted the faces and actors of the movie “Black Flies”.

“Black Flies” with their game Penn And Tai Sheridan It’s about paramedics that rocked the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday with violent scenes in its world premiere.

Splattered brains, dead dogs, an addict giving birth with a needle hanging from his arm; All and all are part of a multitude of horrors that Penn And Sheridan They face it in the role of 2 veteran and new rescuers in the New York fire department.

The audience cheered for 5 minutes of the film, which was full of pure reality; The movie in which Shan Penn Tired of Sheridan He says: “We endure misery.” But this seems to be the least Catch chaos and Marji is that The Neighbourhood He faces the neighborhood in a portrait of an unforgiving city.

In “Black Flies” Sheridan In the first role crossa young paramedic in New York City, who is a more experienced paramedic named Rutkowski with the game Penn He guides him, plays with him. During their shift, the two encounter extreme violence, from bloody gunshot wounds to harrowing scenes of domestic violence and life-threatening pregnancies. First Seeing these scenes, he questions his beliefs about life and death. The legendary boxer Mike Tyson is also in this movie as the chief and top officer Penn plays

Sean Penn No stranger to Cannes, he excited the fans who lined the Cannes grounds as soon as he arrived, but Sheridan The “Ready Number One Player” actor rocked the crowd.

Watching the sad final sequence that is shown during the credits depicts the suicide statistics among the emergency room community, which sometimes even overshadows the death of patients.

This movie after announcing the names Department attendees A competition was one of the 2 films that were added to this section in order to compete with the films of figures such as Todd Heinz, Wes Anderson and… to compete for the Palme d’Or.

Penn Cannes has a somewhat complicated history; His direction for “The Last Face” in which Vs Charlize Theron played, one of the most negative films of the Cannes Film Festival 2016 was, while the movie “Flag Day” in 2021, in which in front of his daughter Dylan Penn He played, he also faced silence.

Sheridan recently to variety said From the opportunity to play against Penn used and the two even researched the real world of New York city rescuers to play their role.

This is the first American production the rider Director and Screenwriter He is 54 years old and is French. In 2008, he starred in the movie “Johnny maddogHe was the winner of the kind of look section, and in 2017, he was also present in the midnight show section of the festival with the film “Prayer Before Dawn”.

Savar is written by Ryan King and Ben McBrown, based on the novel by Shannon Burke, who was inspired by her experiences as an emergency medical technician in New York. First, Mel Gibson was chosen for this film, and then Sean Penn replaced him.

In “Black Flies” Kathryn Waterston, Michael Pitt and Raquel Nau are the other actors.

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