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An unexpected Palme d’Or for Harrison Ford/ audiences who got tired!

Harrison Ford was honored at the Cannes Film Festival by receiving an unannounced honorary Palme d’Or at the world premiere of Indiana Jones 5.

Charso Press: According to Variety, with the showing of the fifth “Indiana Jones” movie, this movie was met with a 5-minute applause from the guests, and Harrison Ford unexpectedly received an honorary Palme d’Or.

On Thursday, on the third day of the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, before the screening of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate”, Harrison Ford and other actors of the film first Photocal Ken participated and took photos with a three-wheel van from the movie and went on the red carpet at night.

In the ceremony hall, the 81-year-old actor at the ceremony Screening one From the most famous series of films in the history of cinema, he tried to pour his tears to cope This was while Disney’s senior managers, including Bob if CEO and Kathleen Kennedy had sent the director of Lucasfilm to Cannes for the release of this film.

When the film’s credits rolled, the latest adventure of “Indy” was accompanied by a 5-minute standing ovation, which by Cannes standards should be considered more of a polite tribute.

But regardless of how audiences felt about the film, the biggest cheers went to Ford, who appeared with his actress wife. Callista Flockhart He went on the red carpet and the red carpet announcer introduced the two people as “Indiana Jones and Calista Flockhart”.

Ford was called on stage at the Cannes Film Festival by Thierry Fermaux to receive a surprise Palme d’Or to honor his roles in films ranging from Star Wars to Escape.

Ford said about the clip that aired from his acting career: I was very impressed. They say that when you are about to die, you see your life before your eyes, and I felt the same way. It’s a big part of my life, but not my whole life. My life remains active with my lovely wife who supports my passion and dreams and I am grateful for that.

Then Ford said: I love you too. But I have a movie that you should see. It’s ready right behind me, so let me step out of the way and thank you again for this great honor.

In fact, the standing ovation for Ford before the film was even louder and more emotional. The elaborate action scenes of the film and the jokes delivered by Waller-Bridge met with a not so exciting reaction inside the theater. In parts of the 142-minute film, the audience could be heard muttering in French out of exhaustion.

An unexpected Palme d'Or for Harrison Ford/ audiences who got tired!

In “Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune” Ford once again played the role of the famous archaeologist. This day he has to fight the Nazis again. Mads Mikkelsen, Antonio Banderas and Boyd Holbrook are Ford’s co-stars in this film.

Ford emphasized that this film is the end of his time as Indiana Jones. Before the Cannes festival, he told Total Film magazine: This is the last film of this series and the last time I will play this character. I predict this will be the last time he appears in a movie.

Ford, who knows that Disney is developing an Indiana Jones series for Disney Plus, said that if it comes to fruition, he won’t be involved.

The fifth “Indiana Jones” film is the first film in the series not directed by Steven Spielberg, and James Mangold, director of “Wolverine” and “Ford vs. Ferrari”, was in charge of making the film.

“Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fortune,” which was screened out of competition at the festival and is not competing for the Palme d’Or, will be released in theaters by Disney on June 30.


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