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Serving customers and the general public is the most important motivation of the Cooperative Bank employees

According to the financial news report, quoted from the public relations of the Cooperative Development Bank, Karim Mirzakhani, Deputy CEO of the Cooperative Development Bank for provincial affairs and marketing, said during a video conference with provincial managers and colleagues: management lessons can provide suitable solutions to improve the level of services. Provide to customers.

He added: “Serving the people is the most important motivation for the employees of the Cooperative Development Bank. According to the elders, if we make a positive change in people’s lives, we are business owners, which means that our activity should have a positive effect on people’s lives.”

Mirzakhani said: The managing director of the Cooperative Development Bank has placed the highest value on the human capital of the bank, and this is because the management of the human resources ensures that the best level of service is provided to all customers. The value and dignity that the CEO of the bank has defined for the employees is rare, and we should appreciate this wise view and achieve a decent and growing performance.

This banking official stated: the bank’s upstream documents are the People’s Government Transformation Document, the Cooperative Sector Development Document, the Waiting Document, the Seventh Plan, the Budget Law 1402 and the Corporate Governance Requirements Document, and the important goals are the development of the country’s cooperative ecosystem, efficiency and excellence. Operation and innovation in providing services and products is imaginable for the bank. The bank’s vision is drawn as a leading and superior bank in providing digital financial and credit services to cooperatives and small and medium enterprises, and the bank’s transformation is also considered based on the bank’s strategic transformation document.

He said: Cooperative Development Bank sees two ecosystems, the cooperative sector of the country is subject to verbal and communicative rationality, and the ecosystem of the banking industry is subject to financial and economic rationality. The bank’s strategy can be such that it uses both rationalities to achieve social approval.

Mirzakhani said: Capability, toughness and self-restraint are among the most important characteristics of provincial managers as well as employees. Being tough means that they do not stand up against problems and obstacles and work hard to advance affairs and provide appropriate services to the people. Have self-confidence, self-control in the sense of self-control, correct past mistakes and believe in social justice as one of the most important goals and characteristics of cooperation.

He said: We should know that the basis of our presence is to serve the people, so the position and position and responsibility should not preoccupy us, and it is appropriate to focus on the main issue, which is to provide service to the people. According to the words of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), whoever fulfills the needs of a believer, God will fulfill his many needs, the least of which is heaven. Imam Hussain (AS) says that people’s need and turning to you is one of God’s blessings, so don’t turn your back on blessings, otherwise you will be caught in blessings and misfortunes.

This bank official explained: Strength is necessary to do good, and if we are weak, we cannot do good and serve the people. Respect, trust and care must exist among colleagues and teamwork is necessary. To progress, we need to be a team and have teamwork and we should not be discontinuous parts of an organization.

Deputy Managing Director of Cooperative Development Bank emphasized to the managers of the province: the power and authority you have in the cooperative ecosystem in your region is very valuable and you have the opportunity and success to serve in banking and cooperative at the highest level and from this position To provide the most appropriate services to the ecosystem of the region and the cooperative sector of the province.

He clarified: Structure, program and human resources are considered as the three main pillars of the organization and the three important drivers for growth and development, and among them, the most important pillar is the human resources, and the other two pillars are also organized by this pillar. It is important to choose competent and correct people who have talent and skills and have knowledge and economic insight, result orientation is also very important.

Stating that the future of business is changing, Mirzakhani said: Human power must have the ability to persuade.

He pointed out: the grooming system including organizing (separating the necessary from the unnecessary), ordering, cleaning, standardization and discipline is very important and can become an organizational culture. It is necessary to be responsible and have the necessary and sufficient sensitivity towards the environment.

Explaining human resources as the most important asset of the bank, Mirzakhani said: suitable human resources are the most important asset of the bank, regular thoughts do not need so much hierarchy and administrative formalities, and regular actions need less control. If a culture based on order and work conscience are mixed together, extraordinary power to do great things emerges.
Addressing the general managers and executive colleagues of the bank, he said: You are the main board of directors of your bank and I am the facilitator of your activities.

This bank official mentioned: The CEO of the bank attaches great importance to the branch colleagues, and in this period we see that the valuable services of the branch colleagues are properly appreciated and valued.

Mirzakhani said: We are now witnessing that the behavior of colleagues is based on demands, which is actually a demand to provide better conditions for providing services to customers. It is appropriate that this behavior should be a model. There should always be demand instead of creditor in the behavior of bank colleagues. Demanding mature, civil and social behavior is an indication of organizational growth and maturity of managers and colleagues.

Addressing the provincial managers, he said: to basic solutions instead of partial solutions, to risk-taking instead of risk avoidance, to practical creativity instead of blind obedience, to simplify work instead of complexity, and to outstanding work instead of displaying work. reward Recently, during the visit of Saadat Abad branch in Tehran, we saw that the head of the branch has made credit policies and credit packages smart, which is a creative, voluntary and valuable work.

This banking official added: In order to witness continuous and gradual improvement, we must avoid wasting resources, eliminate redundant activities, manage parallel work, and add impact on customers’ lives to activities and actions. It is necessary to use colleagues according to his talent and expertise.

Mirzakhani advised: If you are looking for personal advancement and development, support your boss with proper performance so that he succeeds and gets promoted, in this case, the ground for your advancement will also be prepared. Improvement and education is voluntary but we need education to survive. Progress, growth and development require high efficiency and effectiveness.

He added: Brand is the promises we have made to customers. We must note that if we make unfulfillable promises to customers and make promises to customers that cannot be fulfilled in practice, we have harmed the bank’s brand, so it is appropriate to make promises to customers within the framework of authority and according to the facts.

Mirzakhani emphasized: provincial managers can motivate their colleagues with the power of words, and shouting and loud voices do not work, but the power of words can give the necessary motivation and strength to the human force.

He said: Provincial managers should think about succession and strengthen their deputies, they should entrust important missions to their deputies in order to show them the difficult conditions and concerns of being a manager and the importance of responsibility.

This bank official admitted: People in the position they are in should accept their ignorance without compliments and have enough effort to learn and know new things.

He clarified: Pay attention to this principle that people grow gradually, so that they know it everywhere, one of the skills of senior managers is to pay attention to employees so that they do not become incompetent. Managers can always keep the person in the position before the limit of incompetence, so that the force is not lost and destroyed, and the organization does not have unmotivated and unproductive people.

Mirzakhani advised: Appreciate the good things and levels of gratitude in the organization and society, so that the blessing of your life increases.

He said: It is appropriate for both satisfied and dissatisfied customers to speak at the bank’s quarterly conferences. We can choose customers both on the balance sheet and off the balance sheet, and customers are selected based on cheap and expensive sources, letters of credit and other indicators, and they are given the opportunity to speak and comment.

This banking official reminded: One of the thinkers and management experts says that if we do not serve our customers, we will be forced to serve those who serve our customers.

He pointed out: It is appropriate to appreciate the colleagues who have taken the necessary care in the transfer and management of organizational knowledge and have applied their experiences in the cycle of management and transfer of organizational knowledge.

In addition, Sayad Rahmanpour, the director of provincial and branch affairs, said: 14 provinces have fulfilled the plan for the end of February 1402. With this performance, the provinces have made it possible to achieve the target of 700 thousand billion riyals in the bank’s resources balance, and the achievement of 800 thousand billion riyals. One thousand billion rials can also be predicted. Note that the end of Bahman is considered as the end of 1402.

He added: Provincial managers and heads of branches should pay attention to determine the task of renting branches five months before the end of the contract. Also, enough attention should be paid to the health of the branch signs as an advertising tool. The manager and assistants must be physically present in the branch offices in order to respond to the calls and inquiries of officials and customers when necessary. The requirement of the seven-digit identification code of the branches must also be observed.

In this meeting, Hadi Bakhtyar, head of the general administration and coordination of provinces and branches, Younes Kalantari, head of the general administration of customers and market development, and Ali Vafaei, director of branches in Tehran province, also raised important issues. Also, a number of managers and colleagues from the province also presented their points of view.

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