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Setting up a database of marriage, divorce and childbearing in the country – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr news agency, Reza Nik Bakhsh stated that the issue of databases with the aim of easy access for managers to the latest and most accurate statistics and information in the relevant fields was of interest from the beginning of our work in this center, and stated: Fortunately, this was done with good help and support. The idea of ​​the head of the Information Technology, Communication and Administrative Development Center and his management team came true so far that 4 databases have been set up and managers can easily access their statistics and information.

He continued: One of these banks is the marriage and divorce database, which was extracted based on the data of the civil registration organization and focused on the young age group (18 to 35 years old).

The head of the Center for Strategic Studies and Research stated: In this database, the marriage and divorce statistics of the whole country are included so that the statistics of the youth can be compared with the whole. Also, marriage and divorce statistics are categorized based on different age groups, average age of marriage and divorce, age difference between husband and wife, divorce according to life expectancy, marriage and divorce indicators, etc.

Stating that this information is available in the marriage and divorce database from 1992 to 1400, he added: In this database, the state of marriage and divorce can be observed and compared from province to province and city to city, even based on the map. And the graph of these statistics can be seen and compared.

Nik Bakhsh continued: Another established database is the employment and unemployment database. This bank has been compiled based on the information of Iran Statistics Center and it contains the total employment and unemployment statistics of the country and the youth employment and unemployment statistics by provinces, and in addition to comparing provinces to provinces, it also has the ability to compare year by year, for example, the unemployment rate. In 1400, it has decreased compared to 99, which is interesting.

The head of the Center for Strategic Studies and Research also said about the population database: this bank was compiled based on the information of the Iranian Statistics Center, based on which the total population and the young population of the country can be seen separately by province, city, village and gender.

He mentioned the research database as another database set up in this center and said: In this bank, all the researches and researches carried out by the Ministry of Sports and Youth, whether as national projects carried out by the Ministry of Sports and Youth What provinces have done as provincial plans can be seen from 1995 onwards.

Nik Bakhsh stated: In this bank, the details of the projects, including the executive, partner, cost, and project abstract, are visible to the managers, and in the next step, we also consider that the public can also access the research abstract with a simple search on the Internet. If necessary, refer to the library of the Ministry of Sports and Youth and use this research.

According to the public relations announcement of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, the head of the Center for Strategic Studies and Research announced the launch of 4 more databases in the near future and said: the database of youth non-governmental organizations, the educational database of youth, the database having children With the focus on the youth and the database of seats and memorandums between international We are working on this, which is being done in cooperation with the relevant fields.

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