Shareholders read / 4 important signals for the stock market

According to Tejarat News, the stock exchange experienced a growth of 26,784 units yesterday and reached the level of 1,501,000 units.

There are several signals for shareholders today, and experts believe that the stock market is on the rise.

Aref Alighalipour, director of OTC financial institutions in Iran, says: The performance of 1400 OTC in the field of fixed income investment funds shows a 63% growth in the number of tradable funds in this market. (IRNA)

Experts say the release of the figures could boost confidence and liquidity in the capital market.

Reza Fatemi Amin, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, states: “Last year, we did a special job in the field of commodity exchanges, and we also dealt with rents and double prices.” (Tasnim)

The introduction of new products in the commodity exchange can increase the level of shareholders’ confidence in the capital market and, on the other hand, bring strong liquidity into the market.

30,000 billion Rials worth of debt securities are to be issued by Damavand Capital Financing Company with the symbol of Tamavand. (Senate)

Accordingly, the amount of liquidity in the stock market is expected to increase.

India and Iran may soon resume talks on resuming bilateral oil trade, the Indian media Hindo Business Line reported. India reports that the Iranian government is sending a group of high-ranking officials to Delhi to resume oil exports, given the possibility of reviving Borjam. (IRNA)

Fruitful negotiations can boost the stock market.

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