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According to Tejarat News, it has been a few weeks since the car was released in Commodity Exchange it has begun. After the cancellation of supply restrictions, Peugeot 207 is scheduled to be released in the capital market next Monday, November 30.

On Monday, 1000 Peugeot 207 gears with electric steering wheel and white color will be offered and competed on the trading board of the commodity exchange.

The important point of this offer is that the base price of this car is 56% cheaper than the market.

What is the price of 207 in the stock market?

According to the announcement of the stock exchange, the Peugeot 207i will go on the trading board with a base price of 187 million tomans.

A look at the numbers and figures of the open market shows that the price of 207 gears is around 423 to 436 million Tomans. If we compare the base price and the free market price, we reach a price difference of 56%. But the main point here is that 187 million tomans is the base price and the buyer of a car from the commodity exchange must pay taxes and duties which is equivalent to 13% of the final amount and a fixed cost of 4 million and 371 thousand tomans for insurance and numbering.

Of course, because stock market transactions are based on supply and demand, the base price of 187 million tomans is likely to increase several times. Because the 207 is a popular car and has a huge price gap with the open market, and the buyer can attract a very good profit.

What are the conditions for buying a car?

In the latest letter of Mohammad Nowrozpour, Director of Inspection and Member Affairs of Iran Commodity Exchange regarding the purchase of Peugeot 207 product on November 30th, it is stated: The order registration deadline will be 12 o’clock on Sunday, November 29th.

Also, advance purchase of cars is 100%, and people who have succeeded in buying cars in previous sales will not be able to place an order. Each stock exchange code only allows one order registration, and order registration is not allowed for legal entities.

The delivery of this car is for 3 months and will be done on 30th of Bahman. This car has an electric steering wheel and white color. Also, buyers must be at least 18 years old.

In order to continue the purchase process, buyers must create and complete a personal profile at the same time as settling the amount of the transaction in the stock exchange (at most until the end of the allowed settlement period in the stock exchange) by referring to the website address of Iran Khodro products, and at the appointed time, through SMS (Completing the payment of the expenses of the legal belongings) is informed, in addition to choosing one of the authorized agents, choose the insurer you want on the site and proceed with the payment of the following expenses.

The costs include insurance and numbering and a fixed cost totaling 4 million and 371 thousand tomans plus 13% for taxes and legal fees, which are calculated based on the transaction amount and must be paid by the buyer.

It is obvious that if the above fees are not paid up to 5 calendar days after sending the text message (completion of the payment of legal belongings), the delivery time of the car will be changed by 140 days in proportion to the buyer’s delay in depositing the additional funds.

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