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SNAP initiatives to support the education of underprivileged students

Social group: At the beginning of the new school year, SNAP Public Relations announced the wide acceptance of users in the charity project “Supporting the education of students in Sistan and Baluchestan.”

This project, which is the second charity project of Snap Customer Club, is being implemented in cooperation with the “Children’s Foundation” and has been participated in about 56,000 times so far.

SNAP also works with the University of Tehran’s Vice Chancellor for Socio-Cultural Student Affairs and the National Talent Development Organization to send scholarships to support talented students in disadvantaged areas.

The start of the new school year has always been a source of excitement for families, but unfortunately in the last two years, the corona has affected all aspects of people’s lives around the world, and as a result, education has undergone many changes.

Although the reopening of schools is not on the agenda in many parts of the country this year, we must not forget that children with disabilities need help more than ever. Online education requires many facilities and infrastructures that are not possible to provide for low-income families.

Through its social responsibility, SNAP has tried to support the education of these students with two different projects; Plan to support the education of Sistan and Baluchestan students in the customer club and assign a discount code for free transfer of educational supplies to the University of Tehran.

Supporting the education of students in Sistan and Baluchestan

About a month and a half after the start of the Sistan and Baluchestan students’ education support program, users have participated in this project with a wide acceptance of about 56,000 times, and it is still possible to participate in this project.

To participate in the “Support for the Education of Sistan and Baluchestan Students” project, SNAP users can go to “SNAP Club” in the SNAP application and select the “Charity” category. In this plan, users can support the education of underprivileged children in Sistan and Baluchestan with the points they have gained through the use of various SNAP services. SNAP will deposit 5,000 Tomans for every 2,000 points in the account of the non-governmental organization “Children’s Foundation”.

Scanning to support talented students in disadvantaged areas

SNAP also works with the University of Tehran to support talented students in disadvantaged areas. In addition to paying cash donations, individuals can support gifted students by sending stationery, books, tablets, or new or used computers, new or usable textbooks, or other educational necessities. SNAP has contributed to this scandal by allocating discount codes for free transfer of stationery, books, tablets and other educational supplies.

To participate in this project, all you have to do is visit the website of the Student Club of the University of Tehran. After completing the relevant form, a text message containing the discount code for sending educational supplies will be sent to you.

With the hope that with the help of various individuals and organizations, the right to study in the new year will be provided for all students across the country.

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