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Snow and rain tomorrow in most parts of the country / دیگریAnother rain system ‌ is on its way ‌

Mohammad Asghari saidوگو With the economic reporter of Fars News Agency, referring to the rain in the present day in different parts of the country, especially Fars, south of Bushehr, west of Hormozgan, south of Kerman and north of Sistan And Balochistan He stated: آیندهThe next day, the activity of this precipitation system will cover all regions of the country دربرمیRainfall will be heavy in the east of Hormozgan, south of Sistan and Baluchestan, southeast of Kerman and east of Khorasan Razavi.

He continued: The next day in the Strait of Hormuz and the eastern coast of Hormozgan the sea is rough and stormy.

The deputy director of forecasting and warning of the Meteorological Organization added: “Tomorrow, with the infiltration of northern currents into the northern part of the country, a relative decrease in temperature between 5 and 7 degrees is predicted in these areas and we will have snowfall in the northwest and Alborz highlands.”

Asghari added: on Tuesday, January 5th, the scope of activity of this rain system in the eastern half of the country دربرمیEclipse and rain are intense in the south of Sistan and Baluchestan and this system is gradually leaving the eastern strip of the country.

* The arrival of the new precipitation system from the afternoon of Tuesday, January 5th

He said: “On Tuesday afternoon, January 5, with the arrival of another wave in the northwest of the country, scattered snow and rain will begin in the northwest and west. Except for the southern part of the country, we will have scattered rain and snow.

The deputy director of forecasting and warning of the Meteorological Organization added: on Wednesday, January 6, the intensity of the rains will be in Mazandaran and the Caspian Sea will be rough and stormy.

He said that on Thursday in the east and southeast of the country it will rain, sometimes thunderstorms and strong winds, he said: this system will leave the east of the country late on Thursday.

The Deputy Minister of Forecasting and Warning of the Meteorological Organization emphasized: In the next two days, we will have strong winds in the east and southeast of the country, especially in the south of Kerman, east of Hormozgan and south of Sistan and Baluchestan.

Asghari said about the weather conditions in the capital: تهران Tehran sky is partly cloudy, sometimes scattered rain is forecast. The maximum and minimum temperature tomorrow in Tehran will be 10 and 3 degrees.

He added: Next day, Urmia with a minimum temperature of 9 degrees below zero will be the coldest center of the province and Bandar Abbas with a maximum temperature of 22 degrees above zero will be the warmest center of the province.

The deputy director of forecasting and warning of the Meteorological Organization stated: The minimum temperature will be zero and below zero degrees in 18 centers of the province tomorrow.

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