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Special and different coverages for Razi insurance car body insurance

According to the report of the financial news, citing the public relations and international affairs of Razi Insurance, Ali Alaei, the head of the management of the specialized branch of Beyhaqi, announced on Tuesdays the provision of new and online services in the issuance and payment of car insurance claims and said: new coverages for body insurance policies. The secret insurance car has been added, which is considered a new and rising move in the insurance industry.

Ala’i, who was the guest of the 79th Razi Insurance Accountability Tuesdays, said regarding the activity of this specialized branch: The goal of Beyhaghi branch is to provide life and financial damage to car insurance policyholders with the highest quality and in the shortest time.

He continued: Beyhaghi branch, along with several mobile damage assessment companies, provide services to insurance policyholders, and according to the company’s current plans and long-term goals, this branch will specialize only in the area of ​​car damage payments.

Alai noted: Razi Insurance Company is one of the few companies that has a specialized branch for claims payment, and this is very important in providing timely and high-quality services.

In response to a question about why the penetration rate of car insurance, especially body insurance, is low in the country, he said: According to the information published by the Central Insurance Agency, only 10% of the cars used in the country have body insurance, and this is Article 8 of the Third Party Insurance Law has led people to buy body insurance policies.

The Head of Management of Beyhaghi Branch continued: According to Article 8 of the Third Party Insurance Law, it is recommended that people who own unusual cars use body insurance, which currently has a value of 600 million tomans or its equivalent, Peugeot Pars.

Alai advised, if the policyholders have an unusual car, they must buy body insurance, because in case of damage or damage, they will receive compensation equal to the cost of the Peugeot car.

In relation to other car-related insurances, the head of management of Beyhaghi branch emphasized: Razi Insurance Company has designed and introduced special insurances for cars to the insurance industry, among which we can mention gearbox insurance.

He continued: The management of engineering insurances of Razi insurance company has designed the car gearbox insurance policy according to the needs of the society and the economic conditions of the country, which is a very suitable insurance policy for all types of cars, which has achieved very good sales for the company so far and the representatives can Introduce this insurance policy to people.

Regarding the formation and holding of Razi insurance company’s specialized car committee, Ala’i said: the meetings held had very good results, and some of the results of this committee were the design of new insurance policies, among which we can refer to emergency insurance, online damage payment, centered on Bayhaghi branch. did

The Head of Management of Beyhaghi Specialized Branch pointed out: The Automotive Specialized Committee seeks to increase the arms of providing up-to-date and different services to insurance policy holders. Besides that, the colleagues of Razi Insurance Company will be stationed in five places in Tehran to investigate and assess the damage.

He continued: Another output of the mentioned committee will be the initial visit of issuing the car body insurance policy online, which will reduce the additional costs of the policyholder and representative.

Ala’i emphasized: In the past years, the spark of providing relief coverage was given in body insurances, but this coverage was cultivated in the specialized car committee, and many features such as paying the cost of moving the car with a carrier and the gas used by the car when the gas runs out will be covered by the insurance. Was.

The manager of Beyhaghi specialized branch added: If people need new coverages, they can use these facilities in the form of their previous body insurance, which is still valid, by preparing an addendum online.

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