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Special details of radio programs on the day of chastity and hijab

According to the reporter of Fars News Agency Radio and TV, at the same time as the anniversary of the uprising of the people of Mashhad against the discovery of hijab, July 21 has been named as the day of chastity and hijab. For this reason, radio networks have prepared various programs suitable for the day of chastity and hijab.

Radio Iran

“Hazar Sobh Roshan” has been prepared in 6 ten-minute episodes, in which Alireza Davoudi, Ph.D. in political science and media and society researcher, examines hijab from various perspectives. This program will be broadcast on Iran Radio until Thursday, July 22 at 11:25.

Special program “This is an experience” has been prepared in 6 episodes, in each episode there is a narrative of different experiences of people regarding Islamic veiling and hijab, which will be presented to those interested until Thursday, July 22 at 14:45 on Radio Iran.

culture radio

The radio magazine “Sobh Beh Vaght Farhang” deals with the issue of chastity and hijab in the interactive section as well as the documentary narration section. Also, in the “Sarzmin Man” program, which is broadcast at 13:00 on the Tarikh and Andisheh group, on July 21, he examines the historical aspects of the discovery of the hijab.

The “Culture Documentary” program at 14:30 from the production and supply group is a story about the story of the Goharshad Mosque. Also, “Ster” is the special title of another program of this group, which is in honor of the National Chastity and Hijab Day at 20:00, with the subject of investigating the background of naming this day by the Council of Public Culture of the country, as Chastity and Hijab Day, as well as the cultural reasons for valuing this day. The topic is played. In this program, the supervision of the design to the production of Iranian-Islamic clothing and its relationship with the standard of hijab is also discussed.

Radio Tehran

Radio Tehran’s “Govtavard” program on Chastity and Hijab Day from 1:30 p.m. will discuss the Qur’an’s view of hijab with Sociologist Mahdi Fatemi.

The culture, society and health group of Tehran Radio will broadcast a documentary report on the topic of chastity and hijab bill on the topic of chastity and hijab with expert Lajurdi, a member of the parliamentary commission’s board, in the “Reflection” program on Tuesday.

Tehran Radio’s “Mehrbanu” program, which is broadcast on even days at 15:40, aims to introduce Islamic revolutionary female role models.

Radio Javan

Radio Javan will narrate this tragic incident from the point of view of the survivors of the Goharshad Mosque incident in the pure documentary “Red Line”. Red Line interviews the survivors of this incident or their descendants and recounts the documents of the eyewitnesses of the crimes of the first Pahlavi regime from their own words.

Two documentaries “By the words of history” and “The century of incident” will also be aired on Radio Javan for Chastity and Hijab Day. In the documentary “Century of Incident”, protests and incidents surrounding the issue of hijab will be examined during the Pahlavi era. The documentary “According to History” will narrate the events of Goharshad Mosque and the killing of thousands of people on this day.

Radio show

The radio series “Scent of Decency” written by Masoumeh Pakrovan is the story of the lives of seven successful veiled women with faith in several parts of the world who took the path to success despite all the difficulties.

The radio series “Raiha Najabat” directed by Nazanin Mohimani and produced by Ashraf Al Sadat Ashraf Nejad will be aired on the radio from 2:00 a.m. and will be repeated at 11:15 a.m.

Also, the radio series “Chargad” will be aired at 23:30 on the radio about the discovery of the hijab during the reign of Reza Shah and the Goharshad mosque incident. Mohammad Ahmadzadeh Heravi is the writer, Amin Rahber is the editor, Ayoub Aghakhani is the director, Farshad Azarnia is the producer.

Message radio

Payam radio network deals with the issue of hijab and chastity with two programs. “Life Message” in the form of short messages deals with the ideal family model based on the family of chastity and hijab. Also, “Awareness of the latest events” is dedicated to informing about the week of chastity and hijab in floating hours.

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