Stock market forecast Tuesday, October 25, 1402 / Green reaction of the stock market to the removal of the Competition Council

According to Tejarat News, as mentioned in the forecast report of the Dushanbe stock market, late purchases on Sunday showed signs of positive market sentiments. Therefore, after a long time, the stock market witnessed the arrival of real money on the middle day of the fourth week of October.

The possibility of removing the competition council from the car pricing system

The Automobile Working Group of the National Competition Center approved on Monday that the Competition Council should only play a role in policymaking and supervision and that the execution of executive tasks should be left to the relevant institutions. Currently, this council plays an important role in car pricing. In addition, the competition council is also responsible for determining the amount and type of car imports. Now, with the new decree, the reach of the Competition Council in the automobile sector will be reduced.

Based on this, and with the possibility of removing the competition council from the car pricing system, they faced a strong demand flow. So that the big symbols of this group, including Khodro, Khasapa and Khagstar, sat in the shopping queue and sweetened the taste of their shareholders. This positive sentiment gradually spread to other market groups and in the end, it made the indicators of the glass hall positive.

The growth of the market after a difficult week that had spread to the early days of this week was heartening for the shareholders. This issue may make the money parked outside the market gradually ready to enter the stocks. The return of people’s trust in a market like the stock market is only possible by correcting wrong policies and continuing this way with correct policies in the country’s economy. The manifestation of this debate can be seen in the reaction of the market indicators to the modification of the car sales model and the news of the removal of the Competition Council from executive affairs.

The performance of the glass hall displays

At the end of trading on Monday, the main thermometer of the glass hall with a growth of 0.81%, equivalent to 16,250 units from the height of this index, was at the level of 2,18,000 units and was slightly away from the 2,000,000 unit mark, which is a margin of confidence for the shareholders. create

The increase in the height of the main indicator of the glass hall happened while the equal weight index, which shows the general price trend of small and medium-sized companies, recorded a parallel but more intense performance and increased by 1.19%, equivalent to eight thousand and 97 units, at a height of 686 A thousand units were placed.

The total OTC index, which reflects the general level of stock prices of companies present in the OTC, was able to regain its channel of 25,000 units with a growth of 1.24% equivalent to 309 points from the height of this index. During trading on Monday, the status of the total index and the weighted index did not have a significant and special difference, but the equal weighted index showed a better reaction to the prevailing flow of positive market sentiments.

Tehran Stock Exchange in the mirror of statistics

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange showed the value of small transactions (stocks, preemptive rights and mutual funds) on Monday, 3883 billion tomans. Placing the value of transactions in the channel of three thousand billion tomans is not enough to move towards the dynamics of the market. However, the growth of 800 billion tomans in the value of transactions compared to the first day of this week’s transactions should not be neglected.

The board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows the trading volume of 6.7 billion shares on Monday. Experts believe that the more the trading volume reaches higher levels in the current ranges of the total index, the clearer the vision of the new wave of the total index will be drawn in the minds of the shareholders. Because the entry of fresh shareholders makes the way up smoother.

The buying power in the market on Saturday registered a positive figure of 1.29, which indicated the greater strength of the buyers in the market. Also, after a long period of time, the investigation of the ownership statistics of real people indicates that real people’s capital entered the stock market on Monday. The index of capital inflow and outflow at the end of the stock market on the middle day of the week reports the inflow of 136 billion tomans into stocks, preemptive rights and mutual funds.

Monday stock market forecast

Along with the positive news that made the market positive, one should not forget the attractiveness factor of the prices. In previous reports, it was mentioned that the dollar value of Tehran Stock Exchange is still below 160 billion dollars. The level of 160 billion dollars is a very important support for the dollar value of the Tehran Stock Exchange, which has repeatedly prevented the market from falling further. Now, with the drop in the price of the dollar, this index has grown, but the market is still at levels that are highly attractive to investors.

On the other hand, some stock market groups experienced a balanced and appropriate trading flow while waiting for the proper 6-month performance reports from the companies. For example, in the banking and insurance industry, symbols such as Venvin and Saman, who have the potential to report good performance, lined up to buy.

Based on what was reviewed, it seems that the demand flow of the stock market will remain at a high level on Tuesday, and the re-entry of real money will turn this evaluation index into green. Of course, this issue requires that the military tensions between Israel and Gaza do not enter a new phase and the atmosphere moves towards peace.

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