The recognition council once said that it is not advisable to approve the FATF; Now it is possible that an opening has been created and men’s opinions have changed

Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi, a member of the National Security Commission, said about the issues raised in recent days regarding the adoption of FATF, according to the report of Ekhtazonline, quoted by Ilna: FATF is currently stuck in the recognition forum, we completed its work and approved it in the 10th parliament.

You can read parts of Jahanabadi’s conversation below:

– The fact of the matter is that if we do not cooperate with banking and multilateral issues and do not accept banking supervision, considering that our banking system is also sanctioned; We will be sanctioned within sanctions and we will limit ourselves. With the same reasoning, we approved Iran’s membership in FATF in the 10th parliament.

FATF is not our bilateral agreement with any country, it is an international agreement. Most of the world’s countries have joined it and only 5 countries have not joined it, and if this does not happen, our banking system will continue to be under pressure.
The analysis of the system recognition forum at that time was that the approval of FATF is not advisable and it had its own reasons. Currently, considering the new economic and financial conditions, direct and indirect talks, the release of prisoners

– The release of blocked money may have created an opening and men’s opinions have changed, which we hope will be the case and they will change their minds.

– Really, with Iran joining the FATF, we will remove at least part of the banking pressure that is against us and we should not allow this to continue.

– In my opinion, joining FATF does not have the right to bet, and it is not like we want to bet on joining.

– According to the international laws, when the right of condition is determined, the members of that treaty have rights and duties that are not possible. In FATF, as far as I know, they do not accept the right to bet, but we can make our own preferential declaration about some of the provisions of FATF.

– The preferential declaration does not create any requirement for other members and the treaty itself to accept the preferential declaration. It is such that we only give our own interpretation and understanding of some FATF articles, which in my opinion is not very effective.

– In my opinion, one thing that can be done is that we negotiate with the Westerners in order to join the FATF in order to receive a series of concessions and openings that we want from them, which may happen and is not far from common sense.

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