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Taking preventive measures during the breeding season of wildlife/need to protect species

According to the environmental reporter of Fars news agency, citing the Environmental Protection Organization, in the letter
Colonel Jamshid Mohabbate Khani, the command of the Environmental Protection Unit, has told the general managers of environmental protection of the provinces: considering the arrival of the breeding season of wildlife in the areas under the management of the relevant organization and the need to protect and protect as many species as possible in this season, please order the following items on the agenda All forces, especially the forces of the provincial protection unit, should be placed.

1- Carrying out educational and cultural activities in the provincial audio-visual media and informing tourists, local communities and individuals about the breeding season of wildlife and the need to protect species.
2- Controlling tourists, athletes, etc. and carrying out cultural-educational measures regarding not creating noise pollution and helping to maintain the peace of wildlife in this season.

3- Control and carry out educational measures regarding the non-hand feeding of wildlife in this season.

4- Emphasis on the observation and monitoring of most areas to prevent the survival of wildlife babies, the harvesting of chicks and eggs of birds, especially hunting birds, which has become a big challenge in recent years.

5- Emphasis on the observation and monitoring of the virtual space regarding the buying and selling of wildlife babies, chickens and eggs of hunting birds, which, unfortunately, leads to the sale of wildlife in person or in person (by courier, internet taxi, intercity bus and city carriers, etc.) ) has become a serious challenge in recent years and people and gangs have become active in this sector, which is important to consider and one of the important ways is to control and not take wildlife from nature.

Also, Mohabbatekhani has demanded the full supervision of the Director General of Environmental Protection of the province and the commander of the provincial protection unit on the implementation of these provisions.

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