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Teacher insurance was at the level of a financial wealth

According to the financial monetary news quoted by the public relations of teacher insurance, according to the announcement of the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the financial wealth of teacher insurance this year is equal to 117 percent and has been confirmed at level one.

According to the studies and controls carried out by the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran and based on the financial statements of Moallem Insurance, the wealth of this company in 1400 was equal to 117% and was confirmed at level one, which has increased significantly compared to previous years.

According to the report, Moallem Insurance Company was able to rely on the level of financial wealth with the proper management of the portfolio resulting from the control of high-risk disciplines and with the trust of shareholders. Relying on its strategic plan for the last 5 years, Moallem Insurance Company has achieved strategic goals, including: joining the stock market, focusing on micro and low-risk insurance disciplines, presenting innovative plans, managing and evaluating risk and increasing capital, and finally increasing The level of financial wealth of teacher insurance led.

It should be noted that insurance companies in the implementation of the regulations approved by the Supreme Insurance Council (Regulation No. 69) are obliged to calculate their financial wealth after auditing the annual financial statements and send it to the Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran along with the auditor and statutory auditor.

Companies that are at the “one” level of wealth, have enough ability to fulfill their obligations to insurers and have a greater ability to gain market share and improve their services.

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