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‌According to the Mehr news agency, quoted by the Israel Times, «Repair Heiman, director of the Zionist Institute for National Security Studies and former head of the regime’s military intelligence, said on Saturday that he believed that تل آویو Returning to some kind of nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers is better than no deal at all.

هیمن “The current framework of agreements is the least the worst option for,” he told Israel Channel 12 تل آویو “It’s now.”

The retired Israeli army general noted that Iran now has capabilities it did not previously have in the nuclear field, although it is still a long way from acquiring a bomb.

“The facts are self-evident,” he said of Iran’s enriched uranium levels, as well as advances in other areas of nuclear research since the 2015 nuclear deal. “In 2015, when the contract was signed, we thought it was a problematic contract, but today the reality is completely different from 2015,” he said.

هیمن Who is currently the CEO of the Institute for National Security Studies in تل آویو In response to a question about the recent terrorist act against the martyr “Sayad Khodaei”, he claimed: “A message is being sent to Iran that Unit 840, a secret division in the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, is a danger to the country.” “The Iranian authorities must understand that the forces under surveillance are endangering the security of Israelis and others around the world,” he said.

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