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The 107-year-old veteran of ethnic music was awarded a first-class degree in art

According to Fars News Agency, following the recent visit of Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili, Minister of Guidance to West Azerbaijan Province, and his meeting with Khezr Ghaderi Garmavi, a 107-year-old Iranian musician in Baghi village of Sardasht province, the Minister of Culture issued a special order to award the artist a first class Veteran issued by the country’s Artists, Writers and Poets Evaluation Council.

This certificate was issued to this veteran artist in the field of ethnic music this morning after the necessary studies by the Evaluation Council of Artists, Writers and Poets of the country in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Khezr Ghaderi Garmavi is an expert in four areas of Kurdish art: beit khani, heyran, lauk and shamshal zani.
Kholeh Deh Rozi (Khezr Ghaderi Garmavi) has also participated in most of the country’s art festivals and in recent years has attended a seminar on “Indo-European Vocal Archetypes” organized by the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

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