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The alarm of the gas crisis was sounded in Denmark

According to the International Economics Group of the Fars News Agency, quoted by Rashatodi, Troels Ranis, Secretary of the Danish Confederation of Industries, warned today that the country is facing a gas supply crisis and that the country could increase domestic inflation and shut down dozens of companies.

“Make no mistake, we are in a very serious situation and we may face a real gas crisis, which means the closure of companies that do not have risk protection, and this can be costly,” he said in an interview with a Danish television network. .

He means companies that do not have support, those companies that will be cut off in the event of a gas crisis.

According to the Danish Energy Agency, 50 companies are currently on the list.

Ranis also said that the price of gas has risen significantly again, which has made the cost of production with Danish companies much higher, and eventually the price of goods will be much more expensive for the Danish people.

Gas prices in Europe rose again after Russia’s Gazprom cut gas supplies to European countries by 60 percent last week.

Gazprom said the reason for the drop in gas exports to Europe was the failure to bring the German booster station back into orbit in time, but the Germans said it was a political decision.

Moscow has stopped exporting gas to Russia because Finland, Poland, Bulgaria and Denmark, along with the Netherlands, have refused to pay for gas imported from Russia in rubles.

According to the Danish television network DR, it still has enough gas in its storage facilities and is 70% full.

Last week, European media reported that rising gas prices had prompted European countries to start withdrawing from their gas reserves.

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