The ambiguities of canceling the supply of cars in the stock market continue!

According to Tejarat News, on June 8, the Deputy Minister of Transportation of the Ministry of Silence suspended the supply of cars on the Commodity Exchange in a letter. Some experts believe that the suspension is only for the benefit of dealers and does not allow people to buy cars at real prices.

It was on 28th of Ordibehesht 1401 that 850 “Kara” model pickup trucks were offered in two types of four cabins and two cabins, which was relatively suitable and prosperous for the first supply. In this regard, another part of the cars was scheduled to be offered on the Commodity Exchange on June 9, which was suspended by the Ministry of Silence in a night letter.

Manouchehr Manteghi, Deputy Minister of Transportation Industries of the Ministry of Silence, in a letter to the Commodity Exchange, citing the resolution of the 63rd meeting of the Economic Coordination Council, announced the suspension of cars on the Commodity Exchange.

In recent years, we have seen a sharp rise in car prices in the market, and this increase has created many problems for the car industry and buyers. Most economists and analysts believe that the supply of cars on the commodity exchange can save the car from the situation and increase the price. These experts say that by discovering the price of cars on the stock exchange and using the supply and demand mechanism, we can hope to create transparency in this industry and solve some of its problems. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Silence and some opponents claim that the price of cars will increase after the listing on the stock exchange.

Studies show that the supply of cars on the commodity exchange not only does not increase prices, but also brings the car market to a price equilibrium. The reason for this cancellation is not clear and the Ministry of Silence in a press conference yesterday first opposed the supply of cars in the commodity exchange and then said that there is no problem with the supply of cars in the exchange. The position of the Ministry of Silence is not clear and it remains to be seen whether this minister will be impeached or not.

Commodity exchange or lottery?

The time of acceptance of goods in the stock exchange is taken from the producers of the supply commitment, although the supply commitment in different goods is different. If the obligations are not fulfilled, the commodity exchange can prevent price discovery. It should not be forgotten that the mechanism of commodity exchange is the mechanism of supply and demand.

Capital and commodity market analysts say some officials are drawing lots to study supply and demand in the car market without studying. Such an action, however, is a failed experience and has no precedent in the world. As a result, commodity exchanges can be an alternative to this method.

The important point is that in order to trade on the commodity exchange, customers must have a proxy account. This means that each exchange code has a power of attorney account and the depositor of this account is known. As a result, it becomes easier to identify and track whether the consumer has purchased the product or the broker. But in the lottery system, there is no control over the accounts, and perhaps one of the reasons for the resistance to the supply of cars on the commodity exchange is this debate.

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