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The latest weather conditions in the capital were announced

According to Moj News Agency, based on meteorological forecast data and maps, the weather in Tehran province over the next five days clear sky at times partly cloudy, in some hours with wind and sometimes relatively strong to strong winds and in areas prone to Temporary dust rises, especially in the afternoon and evening in the southern half of the province, are forecast with the penetration of western transition dust, which in some hours reduces the visibility and air quality is not unexpected.

During this period, a gradual increase in temperature is predicted.

According to the Tehran Meteorological Department, Varamin has been reported to be the hottest spot in Tehran province in the last 24 hours with a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius.

The sky of Tehran tomorrow (July 5) is slightly cloudy and windy, in the afternoon partly cloudy and sometimes strong wind and dust with a minimum temperature of 27 and a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and during Monday (July 6) clear and windy with a minimum temperature 27 and a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius is predicted.

Tehran Meteorological Department issued a yellow warning of strong winds, the possibility of very strong winds, rising dust, the possibility of penetration and spread of transport dust from Sunday to Monday (July 5 to 6) in the western and southern half of Tehran Dad.

Due to this risk, reduced visibility, reduced air quality, the possibility of breaking worn trees, the risk of falling objects from semi-finished buildings and the possibility of damage to temporary structures are predicted.

Tehran Meteorological Department to reduce possible injuries, avoid outdoor traffic for vulnerable people, protect dust-sensitive facilities, strengthen temporary structures and cover greenhouses, do not park the car next to temporary structures and semi-finished buildings, and be careful in traffic, especially Recommended on desert roads.

A yellow alert means that atmospheric phenomena will occur that may interfere with travel and daily activities. This warning is issued to raise public awareness so that they can be prepared to deal with atmospheric phenomena that are slightly more severe than usual. On the other hand, the officials are aware of these warnings so that they can take measures if necessary.

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