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The arrow of Iran’s youth on the way to Europe!

According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, Peykan football team in the 21st Premier League was an amazing team, the team that focused most of its attention on discovering and cultivating the young and future football stars of the country, as the coaches and managers of this club said. The key words player building and youthfulness were seen and heard in almost all interviews with managers, coaches and Peykan players. Peykan Jovanani, who had a good result at the beginning of the season and won 4 games in the first 7 weeks of the league, so that everyone was talking about this team as one of the surprises of the league. Even in the questions of the reporters, the question was seen that Peykan is thinking of winning the Asian quota this season? But Peykan’s successful trend changed after the eighth week with two consecutive losses against Esteghlal and Persepolis, the Peykans moved to a draw.

The second half of the season was not successful for Peykan and the team won only once in the 17th week against Zobahan, and finally stood on the ninth step of the league table with 7 wins, 15 draws and 8 defeats, a ranking that for this team without fans. Tehrani seems acceptable. Mojtaba Hosseini, the head coach of Peykan, has always been on the sidelines and tried to talk less about the referees and their performance in press conferences, and these factors caused Peykan to stay away from the sidelines.

The head coach of Peykan, of course, was dissatisfied with the constant comparison of Iranian coaches with foreign coaches, and said in this regard: “I would very much like you not to beat foreign coaches so much in the heads of Iranian coaches. This is due to lack of knowledge and awareness. So many things have been said that the general public thinks that foreign trainers have a formula for success on a laptop. Science helps, but you have to have a scientific perspective. For a scientific point of view, you must have the facilities and be able to spend. “Psychology, bodybuilding, nutrition, good ground, good clothes, good shoes, etc. all help.”

The arrow of Iran's youth on the way to Europe!

Peykan Club changed both its CEO and team manager during the last season. Peykan in the 21st Premier League, unlike many clubs that changed one or two coaches, changed its CEO! The new general manager of the club also seems ambitious and he announced at the beginning of 1401: “Creating active academies related to the world’s big clubs in various fields such as football and volleyball is one of our plans and we hope to have sister partnerships or joint ventures with big clubs.” “We can offer better academy products to the Iranian sports community in various fields around the world.” Of course, the recruitment of a Sudanese striker at the end of the Premier League is not very consistent with this talk.

In this way, the arrow of our country’s youth football, as its CEO says, will be on the path of development and international relations. The club will continue its work next season under the coaching of Mojtaba Hosseini. However, it seems that Peykan will be one of the most stable teams in the Premier League next season and will come to the field with the least change, of course, unless something unexpected happens.

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