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The authorities should take legal action against the deliberate violation of hijab and chastity norms – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, in his Friday prayer sermons this week in Qom, which was held in the Holy Mosque of this city, referring to the founding anniversary of the Guardian Council, said: We should thank those who founded this institution and are running it today. And in the field of informing and justifying the activities of the Guardian Council, more structural measures should be taken.

Referring to some of the duties of the Guardian Council, the member of the Guardian Council said: verifying the integrity of the election, the correctness of the laws and its compliance with the Constitution and Sharia are among the missions of the Guardian Council.

Ayatollah Arafi said: In all systems, there are devices that confirm the integrity of elections and the compliance of laws with the constitution of that country.

Referring to the importance of the issue of chastity and hijab, he further stated: The collapse of values ​​in the field of gender relations and the values ​​of chastity and hijab has consequences that will take several decades to emerge.

Khatib Juma Qom stated that the weakening of the foundations of the family is one of the consequences of avoiding chastity and hijab and added: From a scientific and moral point of view, seminary centers should investigate the category of chastity and hijab, and explaining and clarifying this divine value is very important.

He added: The chaste presence of women in public gatherings and at the workplace is important, and women should take their presence in gatherings into account and observe chastity and advertise in this field as well.

Ayatollah Arafi stated: Every girl and boy in our education and other societies should be familiar with the philosophy of hijab and chastity, and chaste living should be explained to them, and the social atmosphere should be changed with the presence of believing people, and violations of norms should be confronted, and the order to It is popular from home to public environments.

The necessity of implementing the laws of chastity and hijab in the country

The director of seminaries across the country emphasized: the implementation of the resolutions of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and the Islamic Council in the field of hijab and chastity should be followed by various institutions.

He continued: Sometimes it is said that there is no suitable clothing in the market, so the government and the private sector of the industry need to put tents and clothes that are bio-friendly on the agenda.

Ayatollah Arafi said: Our women, in addition to the household and educational duties they are responsible for, can have a thoughtful presence in all areas of society.

The member of the Majlis of Experts added: “The enemy wants to attack our religious values ​​and Islam, and everyone should be aware of this enemy’s conspiracy.”

Officials should take legal action against intentional violations of hijab and chastity

He stated: The authorities should take legal action against the deliberate violation of hijab and chastity, and decisive action should be taken where it is believed that sexual harassment occurs.

Referring to the US President’s visit to the region, he said: These gentlemen and the democrats are among the claimants of pacifism in the world, and today their silk gloves have been removed and their bloody claws have been exposed.

Imam Juma of Qom added: Biden He started his journey to the region from the usurped base; Where the Islamic world has been hit.

Ayatollah Arafi said: Americans have launched hundreds of wars against the Muslim Ummah and different countries, and they did not spare any crime against Muslims in these years.

Regarding the normalization of the relations of some countries in the region with the Zionist regime, he said: the normalization of relations with Israel will be recorded in their records and their alliance with bloodsuckers It causes that one day the Islamic Ummah and the youth of Islamic countries will go to them and they should know that they should not betray Islam and this is the wrong way.

Khatib Juma Qom said: These apparently friendly visits do not leave the Muslim Ummah and the axis of resistance unaware, and one day they will remove the blanket of oppression and send them to the grave.

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