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The autumn nature of “Qalat”, the beating heart of Shiraz tourist villages

The historical village of Qalat is the closest place and the target village for tourism, which is less than 36 kilometers away from Shiraz. The autumn nature of this village, as a stable pulse and the beating heart of recreation and tourism in Shiraz city, attracts tourists and nature lovers in the beautiful autumn season. He calls himself.

Qalat village is one of the most popular sightseeing places near Shiraz, which hosts tourists in the autumn days with its pleasant and cool weather. This summer village with paved path, terraced houses on the mountainside, green trees, unique nature, springs The water flowing from the heart of the mountain, deep valley and historical attractions will catch your eye at the very first moment.

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If you travel to Shiraz in autumn, be sure to visit Qalat village; A village that offers beautiful views of mountains, springs and forests. This historical village is located 36 kilometers northwest of Shiraz city and is considered one of the tourist destinations and attractions of Fars province.

This summer village with terraced houses has been registered as the first natural historical rural structure of Fars province in the list of national heritage of Iran on May 18, 2018. Qalat of Shiraz is located next to beautiful springs and among a lot of trees and green gardens on the Shiraz-Sepidan highway. It is located and it is about 40 to 50 minutes away from the center of Shiraz. Qalat village is about 940 kilometers away from Tehran.

Qalat village is located near Qalat Mountain or Red Mountain. This mountain surrounds the village like a big wall from the south, east and west, and the village is only accessible from the north.

Qara-Aghaj River, which originates from the heights of Tusk Mountain and irrigates the downstream, has given a beautiful appearance to Qalat village. Qalat village is made up of two parts, new structure and old structure. The new structure is located at the beginning of Qalat village. After passing through this section and Qezal Arslan street, you will reach the old Qalat complex; The part with a wide and paved passage leads you to see the unique architecture of prominent masters.

Qalat village is located in the mountainous area and its houses are built in the form of stairs; One or two story houses with a flat roof. It is interesting to know that when you are one kilometer away from Qalat village, the terraced houses are not visible well; Because the tall trees cover them.

Qalat village has good facilities, among them mosque, cafe, restaurant and canteen, bakery, clinic and store.

In the continuation of the talk, we will sit down with Mr. Kamran Gadiya, a villager of Qalat.

In an interview with IRNA’s reporter, Kamran Aladi, the villager of Qalat village, listed some of the current issues and problems in this village and stated: To provide better services to tourists and prepare the environment and clean the places from garbage and garbage, the villager of Qalat with the participation People have cleaned the promenades.

The old man continued: We receive 20,000 Tomans per car as an entrance fee to the resorts, and most of this entrance fee is used to pay the cost of garbage collection and contracts with companies that collect garbage and waste in these places every day. They are tiny.

He added: Usually, daily visits to the old and historical context of Qalat and the forests overlooking the village are done daily, and Iranian and foreign tourists come to these areas and the necessary services are provided to them.

The farmer of Qalat village stated that the roads are difficult to pass in the old Qalat area and said: therefore, it is not an easy task to transport waste from the heights to the bottom, therefore most of the fees received from Qalat entrance are spent on cleaning this area and the surrounding forests. Garbage is usually collected by hand and moved down.

Al-Gadi considered the lack of parking as one of the other problems of this village and said: Another problem of the old part of Shiraz is the lack of parking for cars.

The villager of Qalat village considered sewage disposal as one of the other problems of Qalat’s old structure and added: “The nature of the land and soil of this structure is such that it is difficult to absorb water and waste water in it, and it is necessary to have a treatment plant in this area.” It should be established to collect and dispose of waste water from restaurants and residential houses. The construction of this treatment plant is expensive, it is not in Dehiari’s ability, and it is necessary for the officials of Shiraz city and the province to accompany and support Dehiari in this regard.

Stating that some construction measures have also started in Qalat, he said: the road tabulation project in this village has started at a cost of about 4 billion tomans and needs more support to continue the implementation operations, the 16 thousand meter road improvement project is also at a cost 4 billion tomans has been keyed and started and its continuation requires funding from provincial and Shiraz city sources. 50,000 meters of road development is also being implemented and it seems that the entrance of Qalat village to the Hadi plan area which is in It is currently being implemented and needs to be accelerated, the main street at the entrance to Qalat also needs to be paved with asphalt.

Dehiar Qalat stated that the plan of Hadi of Qalat village is being revised and said: With the revision of the plan, it is hoped that many problems of residence and accommodation of the villagers will be solved. Another problem of Qalat is the lack of rural parks and parks, many families demand to create a park. The family is in this village.

Pointing to some real estate and transactional disputes in this village, the old man emphasized: Our advice and suggestion to the people who intend to stay in Qalat and buy land and real estate is that due to the huge volume of transactions that take place, people must make legal inquiries. and enter into real estate transactions with careful study so as not to face further problems.

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