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The backwardness of the insurance sector in information technology must be compensated

Soleimani, the director general of Central Insurance, in a conversation at the Club House regarding the health insurance regulations, said: “We have had a good growth in the health insurance sector over the past few years, and I testify in the life insurance sector that Central Insurance in this regard He has made a lot of efforts.

He further said: “Tomorrow, the necessary notifications will be made for the inquiry system, so that the database system will be set up to evaluate and manage the risk of re-launching people and determine the credit of the insured.” Attempts have been made to activate this inquiry on issues such as third party insurance, fire and freight, but unfortunately this is not possible in the insurance sector.

Khorasani, a representative of one of the insurance companies, while pointing to the increase in the number of start-ups in the insurance sector, addressed the head of the Central Insurance: “Insurance relations with other countries can be a good experience for the insurance industry.”

He added: “The capital of the Turkish insurance industry is more than 7 times that of Iran, and allowing foreign countries to invest in insurance can help a lot.”

Regarding the IT field, the head of Central Insurance said: “The development of IT and information technology in the insurance industry is behind the banks and efforts should be made to improve the situation.”

He added: “There are plans in this regard, but one side of the issue goes back to the insurance companies and they should be forced to make up for this backwardness.”

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