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Don’t get caught by the scammers of the narration class / energy with the morning shout! Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

Ehsan Hemmati, the presenter of radio programs, in an interview with Mehr reporter, pointed to the atmosphere of morning programs and said: Morning programs, due to the weather in the morning, are more with social subjects.

Referring to the audience of these morning programs, he said: “The audience of these programs is mostly on the way to and from work, the audience listens to the radio in taxis and buses, and of course there are home audiences whose radios are always on.”

Hemmati, referring to the difficulties of morning programs, said: “These programs are very difficult and the implementation is different. You have to wake up at 5 in the morning to be able to prepare for the program.” do.

My co-workers feel they have more energy to shout more

“Some components,” he said, referring to some of the morning show’s presenters who just want to keep the show up loud. ها It has become a stereotype in the performance and some of my colleagues feel that the more they shout, the more energy they give to the audience and it is better while this approach is wrong.

This radio presenter referred to Energetic Being in the morning programs stated: This Energetic Being must be present in the performer’s tone, sometimes a simple smile that is felt when speaking conveys energy. In addition, there is another set of factors that contribute to the dynamic program and is a team effort. The author and editor of the program are very involved in this issue, and in addition to them, music and other things are also influential.

Referring to his other programs on the radio, he said: “The program”AbsolutelyI have to go from Saturday to Wednesday Antenna It is dedicated to one topic every day, from screenwriting critique to media literacy and discussions about literature, culture and art, and we have both experts and telephone guests.

Hemmati added: “Also the contest”IrangerdI perform each episode to one of the celebrities, historical places and even food های People in different areas. In the field of these different tourist areas, I also have a program called “Four Gardens” in which Based on We go through the list of UNESCO creative cities and make some points in the field of handicrafts.

“My field of study is accounting, but I have been in radio for 15 years and I have been present in all fields from the beginning,” the radio presenter said, referring to the many years he has been programming on the radio. I have performed from art to politics and social issues, and I am not limited to just one area.

Profit in narration classes

Hemmati in another part in response to the audience’s interest in radio performances and profiteering ها To hold classes Title narration Kurd: Now everyone in cyberspace advertises online classes, sometimes we even see people who have no background and resume get paid and hold classes in the name of the announcer of a certain radio network. Those who do not even listen to the radio and do not know the prominent speakers of the 70s and 80s.

He added: “Many of these people, who hold various classes at high costs, do not even know the standards and only attract the audience by fraud.” After the initial test, the student is told that his voice is suitable for young radio, for example, or that he can become the announcer of a program. But these are tricks, and on the other hand, radio has not been attracting power for many years.

“We have speakers and presenters who are about 50 years old but are still working on a schedule and there are currently no formal recruitment conditions for them,” the radio presenter said. I never to my students either قول I do not attend the radio, I teach them the basics and I say in the field of audiobooks, نریشن Or podcasts, which are very much in stock today.


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