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The banking system is the main front of the fight against “money laundering and terrorist financing”.

According to the financial news report, quoting the public relations of Sina Bank, Hadi Khani, the head of the Financial Information Center of the Ministry of Economy, in a meeting attended by the CEO, deputies and managers of Sina Bank, emphasizing the implementation of anti-money laundering laws, said: “If banks and other organizations Economic companies such as insurance and stock exchange should take more serious steps in the implementation of anti-money laundering laws and regulations, and the anti-money laundering instructions should be defined correctly, with strict supervision and necessary training, the amount of organized crimes and financial violations will be minimized.

The head of the Financial Information Center of the Ministry of Economy stated: The legislator’s approach in this field is preventive so that economic corruptors cannot carry out money laundering actions in legal contexts.

He went on to say: If the banking system works in an integrated manner in the implementation of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws, most of the accounts will be within the framework of the law and the people’s satisfaction will be gained in the practical action of fighting against financial corruptors.

Khani pointed to the division of work of those in charge of fighting money laundering and acknowledged: To implement anti-money laundering laws and make the economic infrastructure healthy, team and organizational work should be divided.

He added: One of the requirements of combating money laundering is the division of work and common thinking and the convergence of judicial and governmental bodies so that the implementation of anti-money laundering laws can proceed in an interactive way because this knowledge is new in our drawer and it is necessary to make more efforts in this field.

In the end, he evaluated Bank Sina’s performance in the field of dealing with money laundering as favorable.

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