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The beginning of the 16th international specialized exhibition of gold, jewelry, silver, gems and stones in Tabriz

According to the Aria Heritage report, quoted by the public relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of East Azerbaijan.On Wednesday, July 22, 1401, the 16th international specialized gold, jewelry, silver, gem and stone exhibition of Tabriz began with the presence of the general managers of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts and the Samat organization, gold and jewelry union, other officials, activists and artisans of the province.

Ahmed Hamzezadeh said in the opening ceremony of this exhibition: “Silver art, especially silver engraving, as well as jewelry and precious stones, has a long history in Azerbaijan, which today has found a special place in the country and several other countries with the perseverance of the artisans of the province.” »

The General Director of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of East Azerbaijan continued: “With the start of the 16th gold, jewelry, silver, gem and stone exhibition of Tabriz, which was organized by the gold and jewelry union of the province, once again the opportunity to display and also directly supply this Valuable products created with the special creativity of artists have been provided so that, in addition to presenting them to those interested, the opportunity for more interaction between activists in this field and also investors in the field of handicrafts will be provided, so that with the development of products, we can see the economic prosperity of this field even more than before.

Hamzezadeh stated: “This valuable exhibition will be hosted by art lovers and investors until July 25, 1401, with the active presence of the jewelry and jewelry union and the artisans of the province.”

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