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The beginning of the “Blue Sky” cartoon exhibition/visual arts in the service of citizenship education

According to the visual arts reporter of Fars news agency“Art” can always be a reflection of the situation of the era. According to many thinkers, “work of art” can represent the spirit of the times better and more than anything else.

In recent days, air pollution has cast a shadow on our lives more than any other issue. When we look out of the window, not only the mountains but also the high-rise houses in front of us cannot be seen. We can barely catch our breath and the wheezing is the only thing that is distant.

Perhaps one of the ways to reduce air pollution is the minimal use of fossil fuels and the use of efficient public transportation to preserve the health of citizens and ensure the survival of other creatures. But in this regard, the role of individual citizens and the effective actions of relevant authorities will be much more effective with the development of educational solutions to reduce air pollution.

*Visual arts in the service of citizenship education

One of the effective mediators in the field of education and reflection on cultural, social and environmental issues is the use of visual arts, especially cartoons and caricatures. Therefore, Iran Caricature House organizes the “Blue Sky” cartoon exhibition in line with the expansion of citizenship education from the perspective of influential cartoonists.

The beginning of the "Blue Sky" cartoon exhibition/visual arts in the service of citizenship education

* Blue sky cartoon exhibition

In this exhibition, the works of 20 Iranian and foreign artists will be displayed with the approach of air pollution and topics: urban problems and environmental issues.

The “Blue Sky” exhibition will be held from January 14 to February 14, 1401 at Iran Cartoon House. Those who are interested can visit Iran Caricature House on Saturdays to Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, excluding holidays, at the address of Tehran, Dr. Shariati St., Shahid Hemet Highway Intersection, Gol Nabi West Shahid Daud St., after Ahmadi Roshan Square. (book), refer to No. 44.

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