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The benefits of using sports supplements in bodybuilding

Most of the people who have just started exercising or have been following it professionally for several years, are looking for an answer to the question, what are the benefits of taking sports supplements in bodybuilding?

In response to this question, it can be said that all the people who go to sports and bodybuilding seek to take sports supplements to increase the performance and strength of their muscles, but some bodybuilders and athletes intend to reach to have a strong body and muscles; The question here is whether the use of sports supplements really has an effect on increasing muscle strength and performance of athletes or not?

The answer to this question is different according to the unique conditions of each person, but in general, people who do not suffer from special diseases such as kidney, heart, etc. and have a healthy body can benefit from the benefits of taking various types of sports supplements. . It is better for people who are involved in taking certain drugs to consult their doctor before taking bodybuilding supplements so that they do not have any special complications. In the rest of the article, we intend to mention the most popular sports supplements and the benefits of using sports supplements.

Benefits of taking sports supplements

What are the benefits of taking sports supplements? In this part of the article, in addition to introducing the most common supplements in the market, we are going to examine the benefits of taking sports supplements in bodybuilding and forever answer the question of why sports supplements should be used in bodybuilding, so stay with us until the end of the article. Be; The most common sports supplements and their benefits are:

Benefits of using caffeine supplements

Caffeine is one of the most popular sports supplements that makes people have more energy and wake up faster in the morning with a good mood. Many athletes consume caffeine supplements half an hour before the start of the competition during sports competitions. They use it as fuel to start the race.

According to the research conducted on this substance, tennis players, marathon participants, cyclists, etc., have increased their physical strength when using caffeine supplements; Based on studies conducted on caffeine, an increase in the speed of runners has been recorded, and it can be concluded from this research that this substance has caused the athletes’ energy not to run out before the end of the sports activity and even increased.

People can transfer different doses of this substance to their body through the consumption of energy drinks, pills, powder, gum and caffeine supplements, for this reason, it is better than people to read the label on the product before consuming any of the substances mentioned in the article. study because according to experts in this field, the consumption of more than 400 mg of caffeine during the day does not enter the body.

Up to this part of the article, we have mentioned the benefits of taking caffeine sports supplements, but remember that consuming too much caffeine during the day can cause headaches, digestive problems such as stomach upset, body dehydration and sleep disorders.

Benefits of using creatine bodybuilding supplement

Up to this part of the article, we introduced the benefits of caffeine sports supplements. Another one of the most common sports supplements is creatine, which the body produces naturally, and the muscles use this substance to better perform hard exercises; The use of creatine monohydrate is of great help to weightlifters and sprinters or athletes who do short workouts.

When athletes or bodybuilders are doing heavy exercises and movements, the body has consumed all the creatine produced, and for this reason, it is harder for athletes and bodybuilders to do the exercises of the last set than the exercises of the first set; It is better for people who are vegetarians and intend to do bodybuilding and heavy exercises to use creatine supplement.

Benefits of creatine supplements in bodybuilding

The research conducted on the benefits of taking sports supplements shows that the consumption of creatine does not have any complications or harm for healthy people, that is why many athletes take a high dose of this supplement at the beginning of their training and then gradually reduce the dose. They bring it to a balanced level, i.e. 2 grams per day, while many athletes do not accept to start taking high-dose creatine supplements.

The benefits of beta-alanine in bodybuilding

In the continuation of this topic of the benefits of taking sports supplements, we are going to talk to you about beta-alanine. It is interesting to know that when people perform short exercise movements such as fast pedaling with a stationary bike to the maximum of their strength, the body Lactic acid produced that leads to a burning sensation in the muscles; Athletes use beta-alanine supplements to reduce inflammation and continue training in the form of powder or capsules.

Based on research and tests conducted on runners and cyclists who have used beta-alanine bodybuilding supplement for a month, it can be concluded that the use of this supplement has led to better results in the competitions of this category of athletes. According to experts, this supplement has sometimes been effective and sometimes ineffective.

By examining the benefits of taking beta-alanine sports supplements, it was found that this substance sometimes leads to changes in the gym and sometimes without changes, but to find out more of its benefits, several tests are needed that must be performed by experts; Remember that taking this bodybuilding supplement does not harm the body.

The role of amino acids in bodybuilding

In general, there are three types of amino acids that muscles use to complete and receive their energy, in fact, amino acids are chains that make up proteins; Athletes use this supplement, which is available in the market in the form of powder, tablets and gel for muscle growth, after finishing their sports training.

After doing hard sports, the muscles of the body suffer minor and internal injuries, and when the muscle is rebuilt after the injury, the volume of the muscles increases, based on the research conducted in this field, the use of amino acid supplements can reduce minor injuries after training and to It helps muscle growth and muscle regeneration.

The benefits of taking protein sports supplements

Most athletes use protein supplements to reduce damage to muscle tissue and increase muscle growth. According to research, consuming protein supplements half an hour after finishing exercise is the best opportunity to increase muscle volume and reduce the vulnerability of muscle tissue.

Consuming protein supplements after completing resistance exercises such as weight lifting has many effects on the volume of muscle growth, but if athletes follow a healthy diet that includes protein on a daily basis, there will be no need to consume protein supplements; In the following, we will talk about foods and foods that have protein in them, these are:

  • Beef or veal
  • Chicken
  • egg
  • Low-fat or full-fat milk
  • Types of cheese
  • types of fish
  • All kinds of nuts

There is protein in some of the foods mentioned above, but they are not classified as vital proteins because these types of proteins are not quickly absorbed by the body; It is better for athletes who get the protein they need from their diet, to be careful of this type of protein that is not vital in adding volume to the muscles. One of the most popular protein supplements for athletes is whey protein supplement.

Protein supplement in bodybuilding

Glutamine in bodybuilding

So far, we have mentioned the benefits of taking creatine, protein, amino acids and beta-alanine sports supplements; One of the non-essential amino acids in the human body is glutamine, which is generally stored in the muscles to be released in the bloodstream in stressful situations.

When athletes and bodybuilders perform intense sports activities such as two marathons, their immune system releases glutamine during stress; When the human body faces extreme stress in different situations, the amount of this amino acid in the human body decreases and the body is put in a situation called immune system suppression.

Suppression of the body’s immune system continues until glutamine is compensated through its supplement or food. That’s why two marathon athletes are at risk of contracting diseases such as colds and fever for several days after finishing their races. Most bodybuilders use this bodybuilding supplement to improve the immune system and also prevent the destruction of muscle tissue.

Among the other benefits of taking glutamine sports supplements, we can mention the reduction of disease and infection in athletes who do resistance exercises; Research on this non-essential amino acid shows that glutamine can increase glycogen storage and maintain muscle volume in the body by preventing protein excretion.

The use of glutamine supplement does not have any restrictions for consumers because it is placed in the category of food supplements and athletes and bodybuilders can take it in the form of gels and tablets. There is no specific order for taking glutamine supplements, but many bodybuilding trainers recommend taking 3 to 5 grams of glutamine supplements during the day.

The benefits of taking sports fat burning supplements

Sports fat burning supplements such as L-carnitine are among the most popular supplements used by athletes. The benefits of taking a fat burning sports supplement are not only for weight loss. These types of supplements may even be effective in building muscle. Consumption of fat burning supplements increases metabolism and contributes to weight loss by removing body fat.

Tips on the benefits of taking sports supplements

So far, we discussed the benefits of taking sports supplements. As mentioned in the article, each of the sports supplements has its own benefits and effects on the athletes, for this reason, in the rest of the article, we will mention some important points about the benefits of taking sports supplements:

  • It is better to get the food and energy needed for the exercises before starting the exercise and do not go to the exercises with an empty stomach, in general, use carbohydrates as fuel for the body; Supplements containing carbohydrates are very suitable for refueling the body, that’s why it is better to use it 1 hour before doing sports.
  • It is better not to use up all your energy during exercise, after the end of exercise, fatigue is completely normal, but if you feel that you are not able to do the simplest things, it is better not to neglect fueling your body during exercise.
  • Try to remember to drink enough water during the exercises because the body temperature increases with heavy exercises and a lot of sweat comes out of the body; Dehydration or being dehydrated can put a lot of pressure on the body during training, that’s why you can detect dehydration through urine.
  • When doing sports, it is better to give your body enough rest because compared to the previous days, it has done unusual activity and endured a lot of metabolism; To respect your body, in addition to taking enough rest after training, use water and food containing minerals so that it is ready for training the next time.

In this article, we talked about the benefits of taking sports supplements from the online pharmacy magazine Positive Green. As mentioned, each sports supplement has its own benefits and effects on the body. Therefore, it is better to consult with a fitness consultant about their consumption and choosing which one to use to be useful for you. You can also leave us a comment.

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