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The bold action of the female reporter of Al-Alam in returning to the office of the Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to the report of Mehrba News Agency, quoted by the public relations of the National Media Overseas Deputy, prisoners Al-Bahisi, Al-Alam reporter, was present at the office of Al-Alam network, which was bombed by the Zionist regime yesterday (Tuesday, October 18, 1402), and presented a report on the amount of damage caused to this office.

He also talked with a number of media activists and journalists who came to prepare reports and reflect on the brutal attacks of the Zionist regime on media offices.

In the report Al-Bahisi It has been stated: Almost 4 rockets were fired at the Al-Alam network office, and the 6th and 7th floors and the roof of the building were completely destroyed.

prisoners Al-Bahisi recalled: The studio of the network, where the exclusive programs of Al-Alam were recorded, was completely destroyed, and my office was also completely destroyed, and all my documents and certificates of appreciation during 20 years of media activity were lost.

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