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The CEO of Dana Insurance and accompanying delegation visited Domino Dairy and Ice Cream Company

According to the report of financial financial news, quoted from the public relations of Dana Insurance, Reza Jafari, the CEO of Dana Insurance, accompanied by Siddmjatbi Atari, a member of the board of directors, Ahmed Javadipour, the acting CEO, Mansour Hosseini, the technical vice president of property and liability insurance, Vahidreza Bakhtari, the technical vice president of personal insurance, Farshid Javan, the financial vice president and Economic and Hossein Gholami, Marketing Manager, on Sunday, the 14th of September this month, by attending Domino’s dairy and ice cream complex, one of the oldest and largest insurers of this company, in order to expand insurance relations and cooperation, while discussing the details of their insurance contracts, from different departments of this company. visited

In this visit, the CEO of Dana Insurance, while expressing his satisfaction to be in the company of one of the largest insurers of this company, considered it a great honor for Dana Insurance to provide the highest quality insurance services to Domino’s employees and said: “I hope that by expanding and strengthening mutual insurance relations, we will be able to Let’s use all our insurance capacities to ensure the peace of mind and mental security of the employees of this company.

In this visit, the CEO of Domino’s Ice Cream Company and several of its senior managers, expressing their satisfaction with the presence of the CEO of Dana Insurance and his accompanying delegation in this company, expressed hope that bilateral relations and relations will expand further by optimizing the existing contracts. .

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