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The presence of 1,600 volunteer doctors in this year’s Arbaeen / Some of the processions were sealed due to lack of hygiene

According to the report of the Arya Heritage News Agency’s correspondent to Karbala, Pir Hossein Koulivand, in a discussion meeting with some representatives of the Islamic Council at the Malak clinic of the Red Crescent Society in Iraq, stated that the Islamic Council has always had a positive view of the Red Crescent Society. He stated: The Red Crescent Society has also been present in all scenes and does not hesitate to do anything to the best of its ability and is at the service of the people and the society.

Pointing out that there were some pathologies regarding Arbaeen last year, he added: In my opinion, everything that is done definitely has some problems, but this year we came with a newer plan for Arbaeen and with the ministers of health, telecommunications, Hashd al-Shaabi, Hilal Ahmar, the Ministry of Interior and the country of Iraq, negotiations and face-to-face meetings were held.

The head of the Red Crescent Society continued: Accordingly, in the health congress held in Arbaeen, the Minister of Health and Telecommunications of Iraq and other Iranian officials attended the congress and there were 50 foreign speakers.

He stated that Iranian surgeons were also actively present in several Iraqi hospitals during this year’s Arbaeen, during the negotiations with Iraq, and said: “Also, regarding health in Arbaeen, the health teams of Iraq and Iran work together to supervise all the processions and Even some of the offending processions that did not respect hygiene have been sealed.

Referring to the use of technology and new technologies in Hosseini’s Arbaeen, the head of the Red Crescent Society said: We are looking to make the activities smarter, and in this regard, during the actions taken in the Badsaba system, Iranian experts are behind the scenes and responsible.

Koulivand noted: Also, this year, special medicines were prepared for people suffering from heat stroke and distributed at the borders and along the route.

He continued: Also, according to the prediction of traffic accidents at the borders and on the route, an aid station was stationed every 100 kilometers and on the accident-prone routes, and if there were seriously injured, an ambulance was sent to the borders of Iran as soon as possible for continued treatment. .

Stating that the medical services of the Red Crescent Society are provided free of charge for all Hosseini pilgrims, he noted: Fortunately, this year we were able to increase the number of aid stations from 14 to 32, and 4 hospitals were also provided by the Red Crescent Society on the way from Najaf to Karbala. Iran’s Red Army provides medical services these days.

Stating that 4,000 medical personnel provided the necessary cooperation to serve the pilgrims during this year’s Arbaeen, Kollivand added: In addition, 1,600 mobile volunteer doctors were added to our group and provided services in the processions and walking routes of Arbaeen. They provided treatment.

He stated that the Pasteur Center with all the facilities for the identification of reproductive diseases has been established in Iraq and stated: Also, 10 medical teams
They are also active in Iraq with 60 research topics. And more than 60 short films for the prevention of heatstroke and diseases have been posted on websites and virtual spaces.

In this ceremony, the representatives of the Social, Program, Budget and Health Commission of the Islamic Council, present in the meeting, appreciated the provision of appropriate medical services for the Red Crescent population and each of them made suggestions for next year’s Arbaeen programs. Mawakab, allocating more credit for Arbaeen, increasing cultural activities during Arbaeen, assigning surgery centers to each province, deploying troops with specific cover for the missing, coordinating with other insurance companies for pilgrims regarding insurance obligations, creating the capacity of the new field of travel medicine in University, environmental health by the mayors of the big city, and…
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