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The Club House filter removal order was issued

06 دی 1400 ساعت 18:05

The Court of Administrative Justice has issued an order to remove the Club House filter. Club House, which was filtered in the previous government for unknown reasons, was removed from the filter.

Apparently, the Court of Administrative Justice in the 13th government, in addition to ordering the removal of the Club House social network filter, has also ordered the withdrawal of the executive order regarding the fine imposed on Hamrah-e-Awal and Irancell.

The Court of Administrative Justice issued an order to remove the Club House filter

In the twelfth government and during the presidency of Hassan Rouhani, a decree was issued in which the club house was filtered and some operators were sentenced to pay fines. Now, with the change of government and the beginning of the thirteenth government, the said court has violated the previous ruling and issued an order to remove the filtering.

Clubhouse filter removal command

According to the rules of the Radio Regulatory Authority, the decision of the Twelfth Government to collect fines from the mentioned operators for non-fulfillment of their obligations was completely correct and regarding the complaint of Irancell Communication Services Company and the development of trust. Mobin has issued a rejection complaint.

The Assembly of the Court of Administrative Justice, in a letter sent to the plaintiffs in the case of the Twelfth Government, emphasized that the Radio Regulatory Authority could, in accordance with the Twelfth Government, impose fines on operators for disturbances in the clubhouse network.

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