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According to Tejarat News, the commodity exchange will offer the most popular cars in the market next week.

Next week, the commodity exchange will host 13,250 vehicles, including Peugeot 207 automatic, Peugeot 207 manual, Tara manual, Shaheen, Kara double cabin and Fidelity.

In next week’s sales, on Sunday, December 18, 4000 manual Tara, 4000 manual Peugeot 207, 2000 automatic Peugeot 207 and 2000 Sahin will be on the trading board. On Tuesday, December 20th, 500 two-cabin Kara cars and 750 7-seater Fidelity cars will go on Wednesday, December 21st.

Iran Khodro Industrial Group announced the base price of 185 million 500 thousand Tomans for Peugeot 207 manual, and 285 million Tomans for automatic Peugeot 207 and 256 million 500 thousand Tomans for manual. Saipa also offers Shahin at a price of 304 million tomans. Two-cabin Kara is offered by Bahman Motor at a price of 301 million and 500 thousand Tomans, and a 7-seater Fidelity is offered at a price of 772 million Tomans.

The delivery date of the products that are to be offered by Iran Khodro in the stock market is 31 April 1402, and Shaheen will be delivered to customers by Saipa on 30 April 1402. Bahman Motor will also deliver Kara and Fidelity to its customers on March 14.

The percentage of advance payment is 100% in Tara, Peugeot 207 manual and automatic and Shahin cars, 50% in Fidelity 7-seater and 10% in Kara double cabin.

The profit of buying a car from the commodity exchange

About 5 months have passed since the release of the car in the commodity exchange, and the value of the exchange transactions has been a record breaker until today.

By examining the car purchase transactions in the Iran Commodity Exchange, it shows that with the transaction of 25 thousand 274 cars until January 12 of this year, 2 thousand 740 billion Tomans due to the difference in the price of the car in the informal market and the prices discovered in the stock exchange, benefited the consumer. The finalizer has arrived and in the meantime the profit of dealers has been eliminated.

Since the beginning of car trading in the commodity exchange, 25 thousand and 742 cars have been traded, and the examination of the average price discovered in the stock exchange with unofficial market prices (at the time of the transaction) shows that the benefit of car buyers from the stock exchange is more than 2,700 billion tomans. have been.

One of the important features of the commodity exchange is statistical transparency in such a way that the details of transactions can be extracted for everyone, and in other words, the market conditions of a product can be seen very quickly in the data of the commodity exchange. For example, when the demand for buying a product increases and in Price changes show themselves, a signal is given to trustees and policy makers that there is a shortage of supply in that market; It should be noted that the commodity exchange is a trading platform and it does not play a role in the price trend, rather it is the amount of supply and demand that determines the price trend.

Regarding the car market, despite the conditions of production, supply and demand, the statistics show a positive trend for car market operators and people as consumers.

Source: ISNA

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