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From the violation of “Geneva” to the closed hands of “The Hague”/ when we talk about contemporary history

group Society; Fars news: So far, the cooperation and support of the United States, England, France, Germany and several other western countries to Iraq during the Baath regime’s attack on Iran; Acquisition and use of military weapons is documented. The resolutions condemning these countries in the United Nations are mainly blocked and “vetoed” by America and England. There are many photos, videos and documents of this crime of the century, but the influence of countries claiming human rights has closed the way for the rights of the oppressed and victims of this military brutality. These days, regardless of their past, they accuse other countries, including Iran, of violating international laws and human rights from time to time. Whereas, if the Iran-Iraq war had not been stopped, only God knows how far Saddam’s chemical attacks on Iran would have progressed with their support, and what would have been the consequences?

Despite the documentation, we will be vetoed

After the war, Iran’s authorities have continuously emphasized that they stop pursuing the crimes of the participating countries in this oppression. Chemical attacks on the people of Iran during the 8-year war between Iraq and Iran will not be used to arm Saddam with chemical weapons. This claim of the Iranian authorities is based on documents, and if the international courts acted fairly, they would not have vetoed and thrown stones. The issue has been achieved so far. This issue is so true that even the western media empire could not deny it. According to the report of “Washington Post” and “People’s Word”, Germany’s chemical support to Iraq in the 1980s is a subject for which there are numerous documents and evidence. Until 1989, Germany’s support to Iraq in the field of chemical weapons made this country the largest producer of chemical warfare gases in the Middle East.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

This is only a part of the western media’s confessions in this regard. It is naive to think that these articles were written in support of the people of Iraq and Iran, which of course has more of a power-showing aspect for the West, although with any intention, these confessions are for the benefit of the oppressed victims of this military trade and madness of power.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

From mustard gas to cyanide acid

A review of the history of chemicals, poisons and chemical weapons in the world and the countries that pioneered in their creation and use puts the names of several European countries, including Germany, at the top. The Germans have had a hand in the discovery and production of deadly poisonous gases used in various wars. For example, “mustard” gas was discovered by German scientists and was used for the first time in 1917 in the First World War and then in the war imposed by Iraq against Iran. The discovery of the nerve agent “Tabun” in 1937 and a similar chemical compound called “Sarin” whose combination is involved in the complete paralysis of muscles and causing serious damage to the body, are also other dangerous chemical discoveries that can be seen in this country. Acid cyanide is a more complex chemical compound that killed many people during World War I from 1914 to 1818, and you can read and review the details of this event with a little research and look for traces.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

A serious and dangerous determination

It was the repetition of these unpleasant events and the fear of this dangerous and poisonous spiral becoming more terrible that provided the basis for the adoption of a global protocol. These events led to the drafting of the 1925 “Geneva” protocol to make the face of war a little safer. “Geneva” was the first international document that prohibited warring countries from using chemical and biological weapons, however, this protocol was not spared from violations either; In the 1930s, Germany discovered other poisonous and deadly gases and provided Iraq with mustard for Saddam’s attack on Iran. This behavior showed that this country has a serious determination in this field and to generate income for itself through the development of the hated military-chemical weapons industry.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Traces that are recorded in history

America, Germany and some other European countries not only researched and discovered in this field, but also created military infrastructure to test or use some chemical weapons in some warring countries such as Iraq during Saddam’s rule. Structures and buildings that have sufficient documentation to prove their existence and activity that the parent companies played a key role in creating. Karl Kolb is one of the famous German companies. in “Samarra” and “Fallujah” according to “UNSCOM” report; During the Iraq Baath regime’s war against Iran, the United Nations Special Commission activated at least 15 centers for the production and development of lethal gases in Iraq, all of which were in cooperation with the German company “Karl Koob”.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Were they unaware of their exports?!

In the early 1980s, the NVA built a complex for testing chemical weapons near Baghdad. “NVA” company was dissolved in October 1990. “Rhein Bayern Fahrzeugbau” along with five other companies transferred the necessary equipment for the production of “botulinum” and “mycotoxin” poison to Iraq, although the spokesperson of this company, in this case, gave “Ignorance of the export of equipment with biological properties” as an answer. did These are just a few examples of activities that can be found with a little searching online, and there are more, especially if you are fluent in English.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Even Spiegel writes…

Despite the ban on the use of chemical weapons by the United Nations and the identification of Germany’s role in equipping the Iraqi Ba’ath regime during the imposed war, “Spiegel”, the famous German weekly, added to a report: “Today, it has been proven that without German technology, Iraq is capable of It has not been used to produce Scud B long-range missiles. Germany’s advanced technology that was provided to Iraq; It would allow Baghdad to increase the range of Scud-B missiles to 600 kilometers. This magazine also published an interesting text in another of its reports about the provision of chemical weapons by Germany to the Baath regime: an Iraqi named “Ali Ghazi” was caught in Saddam’s prison, and with the mediation of the president and the minister German foreign affairs are saved from death. After returning to Germany, Ali Ghazi immediately established an export-import company with the help of a member of the German counter-espionage organization in Hamburg, and through this company, he purchased the equipment of a large chemical weapons factory from the famous German concern Foresta. ..

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Visible footprints in three Iraqi cities

Of course, this was not the only report of this famous German publication in this field; Also, “Spiegel” magazine has published another report: “Now in Iraq, in “Salman Pak” (a city south of Baghdad) on the banks of the Tigris River, research laboratories for the preparation of chemical gas are located. In the city of “Fallujah” raw materials are also prepared, and finally in the city of “Samarra” mustard gas and nerve gas “Tabun” are mass produced. According to the report, various West German companies were present in all three of these cities. This presence is evident and bold to the extent that, according to the remaining documents and evidence, Germany has contributed to the construction and completion of this factory from the laboratory to mass production.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Where did aerial maps come from?

Also, according to conversations and other reports, we can reach some points worth pondering. For example, in a conversation that was published on Mashreq website on October 27, 2013, the reporter of Mashreq International regarding the support and transfer of materials and technology for making chemical bombs from Germany to Iraq with “Edo Ulfkat”, the German reporter of the famous newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine” who during the war Tahamili Iraq against Iran, the correspondent of this newspaper was sent to the war zones of Iraq and interviewed. “Iraqis took me to the Iranian village of Zubeidah,” Edu Olfkat says. I saw there that the Iraqis were attacking the positions of the Iranians with chemical gases. I had no experience dealing with poison gas or mustard gas or chemical and biological weapons, however, I now have pictures of those events that no one else has. The Iraqis showed me the satellite maps of the Iranian positions that they had obtained from the CIA and the US Army. Therefore, the Americans were behind this case and were actually the masterminds of it and were helping the Iraqis.”

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

But a sweet retreat…

The correspondent of a famous German newspaper sent to Iraq to cover the news of Iraq’s war against Iran also said in this interview about Germany: “I obtained information that showed that these gases came from Germany and the German authorities were very happy to send these gases to Saddam was used against Iran. “I myself was injured in these events and I am still suffering from its effects.” In this interview, he also expressed his satisfaction about the withdrawal of the CIA organization from its positions: “However, I am happy that after 25 years, the CIA website finally admitted that in July 1988 Iraqis attacked Iran with chemical weapons. Fortunately, I still have those pictures and I will write a small article about it.” He also complains about the pressures and censors that prevented him from publishing a report or photo about this event and incident, about the lack of “free media” in his country, and says that he has kept the original photos, documentation of this incident and his observations with him.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

There are enough documents; Fairness is not enough!

Not based on the claim that it is said that during the eight-year war imposed by Iraq against Iran, 30 countries of the world defended and supported Saddam and the Iraqi Baath regime against the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The provision of the most up-to-date weapons was one of the important aspects of this unfair support. Today, according to the documents obtained in Iraq, international companies from America, West Germany, Holland, England and France were helping Saddam’s regime to produce chemical weapons. The attack that was carried out by “Saddam’s air force” on the city of “Sardasht” in West Azarbaijan province on the 7th day of July 1366, is the thick footprint of one of these supports. The “Hague” International Court has mentioned this crime with the explicit title of “genocide”.

However, the representatives of Sardasht’s chemical families still have not received their right after more than 30 years since that tragic event. These countries, who themselves were the agents of selling these chemical weapons to Saddam, denied it! This is why the resolution of the UN Security Council condemning the use of chemical weapons against civilians and the open war crimes of “Saddam” remained ineffective with the US veto.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Attack to delete history…

In 2003, America entered Iraq with the claim of helping the Iraqi people, ending Saddam’s dictatorship and ensuring the country’s security, but the story had other aspects. The last part of the story of the support of Saddam by the Western countries and the United States goes back to the attack of Western countries led by the United States on Iraq in 2003 with the claim of destroying the country’s weapons of mass destruction. The same countries provided this structure for Saddam by exporting all kinds of chemical equipment and tools, from anthrax bacteria to high-speed computers, from artillery ammunition to chemical weapons. Therefore, as soon as these countries felt the danger and changes in the region, they reached Iraq to erase their traces. They destroyed a significant part of the weapons and infrastructure they donated to Saddam to produce chemical weapons to leave the hands of history empty to claim their proof.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

Madness of power and long-term suffering

During Saddam Hussein’s reign, Iraq used chemical weapons to fight internal opposition and war with Iran. Since 1355, the Iraqi regime collected some university professors and spent funds to collect information about chemical-microbial and radioactive weapons. Before the start of the war with Iran in 1974, Iraq had a record of using chemical weapons against the Kurds of its country. Saddam Hussein had reached a point of power madness in his dictatorial thinking, which sought the long-term suffering of his opponents. It is said that mustard gas was one of his favorite chemical agents. This gas caused long-term effects such as blindness, infertility and various types of cancer and fetal and prenatal organ defects.

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

The chemical attack does not end; extends

The first chemical attack by Iraq’s Baath on Iran, which was recorded by the United Nations in the war, was on January 23, 1359, that is, before the Sardasht incident, and few people know about it. This operation was carried out in an area located 50 kilometers west of Ilam. In fact, such measures seem to be a benchmark and a test to determine the Sardasht chemical disaster. Also, in 1363, on the order of Saddam, the extensive use of nerve, blistering, and blood-causing gases by the Iraqi Baath began. Numerous and painful statistics for the injured and the number of dead people of chemical attacks have been recorded, however, these statistics belong to the past and are unable to express the quantity and quality of the number and suffering of generations who, three decades after this crime, are still experiencing the effects of that chemical attack with their flesh, skin and bones. .

From the violation of "Geneva" to the closed hands of "The Hague"/ when we talk about contemporary history

From the suffering we still suffer

At the end of October 1362, Iran filed a complaint about Iraq’s use of chemical weapons and sent some of the injured to Western hospitals. The United Nations sent three fact-finding groups to the region in 1995, 1999 and 1999, all of which confirmed the use of chemical weapons. In the sources, different numbers are mentioned for the number of chemical attacks by the Iraqi Baath regime on Iran. Also, this quantitative variation can be seen regarding the number of injured and killed in those attacks, however, one statistic is more frequent than other statistics that websites and databases related to the holy defense, including the website of the Holy Defense Museum, have cited. According to these statistics, during the imposed war, Iran was subjected to 252 chemical attacks by Iraq’s Baath regime, resulting in about 100,000 chemically injured people who are still suffering from their effects.

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