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The completion of the new East Terminal was entrusted to Tehran Metro Company

According to Fars report, Mohsen Hormozi, CEO of Tehran Metro Company, announced the above and added: The new East Terminal is one of the most important and influential infrastructures of the capital’s public transportation network, which unfortunately was left half-completed in the past years, so that today Practically, about 20% of the drop in physical progress (depreciation) is included in the terminal. But since, in order to facilitate the access to the new eastern terminal, the eastern expansion project of metro line 2 with a length of 4 and a half kilometers and 2 stations is also going to start and come to fruition, the preparation stages of the mentioned terminal, including the remaining construction operations as well as its equipment measures It was entrusted to Tehran Metro Company to complete and deliver the terminal to the citizens in 3 phases.

Pointing out that the first phase of the operation leading to the establishment of the new East Terminal requires about 700 billion Tomans of credit, he said: the major expenses related to the preparation of this terminal include the costs of supplying, installing and operating its facilities and equipment, and if the financial resources to When it is secured, the first phase of the mentioned terminal can be launched this year.

In the end, the CEO of Tehran Metro Company said: The new East Terminal will not only free up the land of the current East Terminal (the end of Damavand Street) and remove the traffic congestion in this area from the capital, but also better conditions for intercity travelers, especially those who plan to travel to northern cities. the country, provides them to use a well-equipped terminal with more facilities. Currently, the project workshop has been equipped and its implementation has started.

It should be noted that the new passenger park and terminal in East Tehran is located at the eastern end of Shahid Zainuddin highway, and with the benefit of facilities such as taxi terminals and intra-city buses, and in the coming years, connecting to the metro network through Line 2 through Shahid Yasini highways, Shahid Zain al-Din and Damavand Street, its public access is provided.

The first phase of this project will include the operation of the main hall of the passenger terminal and its area (intra-city bus terminal and open service parking).

Repair and reconstruction of depreciated buildings and facilities along with the provision of special equipment for the main terminal, supply and commissioning of electrical substation equipment, as well as the implementation and completion of the buildings and terminal building and grounds, including the most important executive operations related to the launch of the first phase of the new East Terminal. Coming.

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