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The currency of 28 thousand 500 tomans is very different from the Jahangiri dollar

In an interview with Iran Economist, Yusuf Kavousi mentioned the foreign exchange policy of the new head of the central bank and stated: Considering that in the previous periods, most of the imports of basic goods passed through Nima; Therefore, the Nima rate was the center of gravity of the policies.

He continued: The decision of the new head of the Central Bank to cap the Nima rate invalidated the previous wrong decision.

Kavousi emphasized: Some people compared the price set for the Nimai currency by the head of the central bank with the 4,200 toman currency announced by Jahangiri in the previous government. While this pricing is very different from the currency of 4200 Tomans and will cause less damage to the country’s economy.

This capital market expert stated: 4,200 Toman currency was applied to the import of all goods, which was the basis for rent and corruption, while the new rate of Nimai currency is not allocated to every commodity and that commodity must be classified as a basic commodity, which is This prevents the creation of rent and corruption in the country’s economy.

He pointed out that this action shows that the policy of the government and the new head of the central bank is to monitor the final consumer price of imported goods and put less pressure on the consumer.

Kavousi believes that at any point of time, we will see a decrease in the price of currency in the market after the change of the head of the central bank.

This economic expert pointed out: On the other hand, the restriction of demand in the Nima system and the setting of a ceiling for it will lead to a decrease in prices in the market, and due to such an event, we may see a 10% decrease in the price of currency in the open market.

In the end, he said: If the policymaker announces his final decisions and goals in detail, we will see a drop in the price of the dollar in the free market.

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