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Ardabil event 2023; An opportunity that should not be missed

While Ardabil has been chosen as the tourism capital of ECO member countries, the optimal use of this opportunity requires the consensus and efforts of executive bodies and citizens in the province and national support for holding this important event. ECO member countries have been selected, which seems to require a consensus at the local and provincial level and support at the national and national level.

ECO Economic Cooperation Organization has been introducing a city as the tourism capital of the member countries every year for the optimal use of tourism opportunities.

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This organization, having 10 main members and one supervising member, with an area of ​​7,937,197 square kilometers and a population of nearly 500 million people, in case of increasing economic, cultural and social relations and exchanges and benefiting from the capacities of the members, can have a growth perspective and Provide the development of this area for all members.

In this regard, in recent years, every year one of the cities located in this region is chosen as the tourism capital of the member countries, and this year Ardabil has been chosen as the tourism capital of this region due to its historical, natural and cultural tourism capacities.

In recent months, measures have been taken to take advantage of this opportunity and hold this event at the provincial and national level, the latest of which is the holding of the meeting of the provincial headquarters of the Ardabil 2023 event with the presence of Ali Asghar Shalbafian, Deputy Tourism Minister of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, and a group of It was the provincial authorities that was held yesterday in the city of Sarein, the city of Cheshmehai Beheshti.

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We are not looking for routine programs

In this meeting, as the vice president of tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts said, the executive plans of the event were reviewed and an agreement was reached for the selection and implementation of important programs. In addition, it was decided to hold a meeting with the assembly of representatives of the province to use their capacity to hold the Ardabil 2023 event.

The Vice President of Tourism of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts also evaluated the Ardabil 2023 event as an important opportunity for Ardabil and Iran and said: We are not looking for a number of routine programs and we want to use this opportunity effectively.

Ali Asghar Shalbafian, stating that Ardabil is an important and pivotal province in the history of Iran, said: Considering the capacities and potentials in the field of tourism, Ardabil has been chosen as the tourism capital of ECO member countries and this opportunity should be used.

At the same time, this official said: We are working with all our might in terms of providing credit for the implementation of programs, and if significant programs are planned, I don’t think there will be any problem in providing credit.

The national headquarters of the Ardabil 2023 event should be formed

Seyyed Hamed Ameli, the governor of Ardabil, also evaluated the Ardabil 2023 event as an opportunity to create cultural links between the member countries of Acre and said: One of our main goals when holding the Ardabil 2023 event is to increase the share of foreign tourism for the province, which is due to the proximity of the member countries. Echo to Ardabil and the population of these countries is a good opportunity to realize this issue.

At the same time, he called for the formation of the national headquarters of the Ardabil 2023 event and the allocation of national funds for holding this event and said: cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts are one of the main axes of the development of Ardabil province, and at the same time as the Ardabil 2023 event, attention should be paid to the discussion of investment in the field of tourism. There are things that must happen.

Unveiling the poster of the second international sustainable tourism conference in Ardabil

In this regard, the poster of the second international conference on sustainable tourism development management challenges and solutions was unveiled yesterday in the presence of the Deputy Tourism Minister of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Governor of Ardabil and the General Director of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Ardabil Province.

Hassan Mohammadi Adib, who has recently taken over the helm of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Ardabil province, said in this ceremony: The second international conference on challenges and solutions for managing sustainable tourism development was held in cooperation with Mohaghegh University of Ardabil and in line with the event of Ardabil 2023 as the tourism capital of ECO member countries. will be

Ecotourism, health tourism, urban and rural tourism, tourism management, tourism economy, cultural tourism, tourism and sustainable development, new technologies and tourism, tourism and corona, and police and tourism are among the axes of the conference that those interested, students and professors in the field of tourism can Submit your articles in it.

Ardabil 2023 event is an opportunity that should not be missed

According to some people, there may not be much opportunity to benefit from the Ardabil 2023 event due to its beginning, but if you have a long-term view of the tourism category, you can use this opportunity effectively.

Tourism is one of the main and important pillars of the economy of Ardabil province. This province has been one of the tourist destinations of domestic tourists due to its hot water springs, pristine and beautiful natural landscapes, being located in the Sablan mountain range.

In addition, this province has attractions for tourists, especially lovers of Iranian and Islamic history and culture, due to the existence of historical monuments such as the world collection of Sheikh Safiuddin Ardabili and historical monuments. More importantly, the excavations that have been carried out in recent years in the archaeological sites of Qara Hasanluvi Namin and Oltan Parsabad have provided a clear vision for this area of ​​tourism for Ardabil province.

On the other hand, Ardabil province has been one of the destinations of citizens of this neighboring country to receive healthcare services due to its border and unique cultural and religious affinities with the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, due to numerous infrastructure problems, Ardabil province has not been able to benefit from the unique opportunities it has.

The fact is that Ardabil province is one of the deprived provinces of the country in terms of transportation infrastructure. The center of this province still does not have a highway connection with the center of the country, and the connection of this province with the outside is possible through impassable passes.

In addition, in the field of air transportation, despite the improvement and increase in the number of flights, there is still no airline based in Ardabil. The accommodation centers of Ardabil province also need the construction and development of various hotels and accommodation centers. It is obvious that the development and completion of these infrastructures requires investment from both government agencies and the attraction of domestic and foreign private sector investors.

The opportunity of the Ardabil 2023 event should be used to attract the attention of investors to Ardabil’s capacities. In addition, in the field of branding and introduction of tourism capacities of Ardabil province, especially to foreign tourists and citizens of ECO member countries, this opportunity can and should be used optimally.

The realization of this requires the formation of a consensus and diligence at the provincial level between different institutions and institutions, and more importantly, among citizens. In fact, it is a common duty for officials and citizens to try to introduce the province’s opportunities.

In the meantime, at the country and national level, the responsible institutions should use this opportunity and according to the capacities of Ardabil province, take steps towards the development of the province’s tourism industry and fulfill their duties in the field of improving the development indicators of this province.

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