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According to Tejarat News, according to the circular of the Commodity Exchange, five thousand Dena devices will soon be offered in the Commodity Exchange.

According to the announced statistics, the value of stock exchange transactions in the supply of cars has broken a record and it is hoped that this process will reduce the price of cars by the end of the year.

According to this report, 5,000 Dena Plus white manual cars belonging to Iran Khodro Industrial Group will be released on Sunday, January 25, 1401.

The base price of Dana is 189 million tomans and the prepayment percentage of this car is 100%.

It should be mentioned that the delivery time of these cars is March 27 of this year.

According to the announcement of the release of Dena Plus manual of each national code, it is allowed to place an order on one of the codes released on the release date and for one car, and buyers must be 18 years old.

Also, the persons who succeeded in buying from automobile companies in the previous sales and since the beginning of 2018 are not able to register an order.

Buyers must create and complete a personal profile in order to continue the purchase process at the same time as settling the transaction amount on the stock exchange (up to the end of the allowed settlement period on the stock exchange) by referring to the internet sales site of Iran Khodro products at the address

It should be noted that buyers should select their desired insurer at the appointed time, which will be notified via text message about the completion of the payment for legal accessories, in addition to choosing an authorized agent, and proceed to deposit the additional costs including 4 million 371 thousand 310 tomans in In exchange for insurance and numbering and a fixed fee plus 13% for taxes and legal duties that must be paid based on the transaction amount.
In case of non-payment of fees, up to 5 calendar days after sending the text message to complete the payment of legal belongings, in proportion to the buyer’s delay in depositing additional funds, the delivery time of the car will change, and the customer is obligated to pay a penalty of one tenth of the transaction value for each day of delay. From the delivery of the car.
It is also possible to choose custom colors and features.


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