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The culture of easy marriage is not only related to economic issues – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr reporter, Mohammad Tayyab Sahrai said on Sunday afternoon at the meeting of the Public Culture Council of Kermanshah province, which was held in the presence of Ayatollah Ulama, the representative of the religious jurist in the province, and Imam Juma of Kermanshah, and Ayatollah Mohammadi Iraqi, the representative of the province in the assembly of leadership experts and other members of this council, said: Attention Serious and special to the institution of the family, it is both a definite necessity of the Islamic revolution and the main priority of the senior management of the province, and we must pay special attention in this field.

He added: There is a fundamental difference in the division of human life between Islamic and non-Islamic viewpoints, which unfortunately is often neglected.

Governor of Kermanshah continued: In the common views of Western civilization, human life is divided into two categories, individual and social, with the special point that the importance of the family institution is declining.

Sahrai pointed out that in the authentic Islamic perspective, human life is divided into three spheres: individual, family and social, and said: Islam’s special emphasis on the institution of the family has had very positive effects in various areas of society in all fields, which should be given special attention. take

He said: Citizenship culture based on western standards encourages the family to move up to a stage, but after that it separates the child from the family center and places it in a framework of the citizen state.

The governor of Kermanshah emphasized the necessity of carrying out a set of combined and multifaceted measures in the field of family formation, preservation and improvement of the family, and the field of divorce and said: Lack of basic skills to form a life is a serious problem that can be solved by improving general knowledge and skills of individuals. In a religion-oriented framework, it provided the foundations for the formation of conscious marriages and the reduction of divorce in the later stages.

Sahrai emphasized: Education related to the family center should be started from the 10th grade and when the mental space of the students is more ready in order to be effective.

He also spoke about the explosion of disproportionate expectations in today’s society and continued: The cultural and propaganda collections of the province should properly help to adjust the expectations at the community level.

The Governor of Kermanshah also wanted to promote the culture of easy marriage and easy life with the help of cultural and administrative, academic and non-governmental groups. He further emphasized: Radio and Television should promote and promote the atmosphere of easy marriage and life in its series, films and artistic productions. slow

He said: Economic pressure is not the reason for the breakup of families, because according to statistics, the divorce rate in the prosperous and upper areas of Tehran is more than the lower part of the city.

Sahrai considered strengthening the culture of respect for parents as one of the necessities of the Iranian society and said: The more the culture of respect for parents is strengthened, the more the cultural and educational beauty of the society around us will be added and we will be protected from many harms.

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