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The effective method of injecting 2 billion dollars into the national housing movement

According to the financial news report quoted by Fars, housing financing is very important considering the need of households for housing as well as the significant amount of worn-out fabrics. In addition, due to the driving force of the housing sector, housing financing will play a significant role in increasing economic growth and prosperity in the economy.

The 13th government has started the national housing movement with the aim of building one million residential units annually. Recently, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mehrdad Bazarpas, announced the financing of 2 billion dollars of the National Housing Movement project from the oil clearinghouse and withdrawal from the National Development Fund.

Ghazfari, the CEO of the National Development Fund, has said about this 2 billion dollars: In the meeting that the First Vice President held with all the officials related to this plan, including the Central Bank, the Program Organization and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, it was decided that all the institutions would help to fulfill the promise. 4 million housing units promised by the president will be implemented, but banks have limited ability to provide facilities.

He added: As the National Development Fund, we proposed to allocate 2 billion dollars in foreign currency for the national housing movement, but as we have emphasized many times, the resources of the National Development Fund should be returned as easily as they are paid, and we want These resources should be allocated with a guarantee of repayment.

According to Fars, the details and method of payment of these resources to the National Housing Movement project have not been announced yet, but it seems that the trustees’ approach in this regard is direct injection into the projects and direct financing.

If the government uses this method to finance the national housing movement, the repayment of these 2 billion dollars will take about 20 years, considering the length of the repayment period of the loan installments, and these resources will only be used once for construction.

But one of the main solutions for sustainable housing financing is to strengthen the housing financing system. If the financing system is strong, large financing will be possible.

Therefore, it seems that instead of directly injecting these 2 billion dollars into housing construction projects, it is better to use this amount to increase the capital of the Housing Bank. Because the capital increase of the housing bank will increase the bank’s lending power and financing of difficult housing projects and will create a wide and continuous flow in the field of financing.

Housing Bank is a specialized bank for housing financing, and one of the reasons for this bank’s inability to finance housing is its low cash capital.

If the figure of 2 billion dollars (at the exchange rate of 28 thousand tomans) is used to increase the capital of Maskan Bank, the capital of this bank will increase by 167.5% from 33 thousand 414 billion tomans to 89 thousand 414 billion tomans and it is possible The payment of the facility by Bank Maskan will be at least 2.5 to three times.

The total deposits of Maskan Bank at the end of September 1401 were equivalent to 180 thousand billion tomans and probably this figure reached about 200 thousand billion tomans by the end of last year. Therefore, the increase of 56 thousand billion tomans in the capital of Maskan Bank will significantly increase the share of capital from the total resources of the bank and will significantly increase its lending power. Due to the fact that the bank does not need to pay interest for its capital resources, the cost of financing will also be reduced in the housing sector.

The capital increase of specialized banks, both in the short term and in the long term, has a significant impact on the power of money creation and the power of providing facilities and financing of banks, and according to the accounting structure that governs specialized banks such as Maskan Bank, the possibility of managing and monitoring the injection It greatly facilitates resources and preventing wastage of resources.

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