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According to Mehr news agency, Hamid Yari, head of the wrestling league organization, said: First, I must express a special thanks to all the wrestling committees and teams present in the regional youth freestyle and freestyle wrestling league, who with their maximum participation, after 6 years of not holding these competitions, again new life Oh you They gave this league and Actually They revived it. This tournament is named after the martyred wrestler Behnam Mohammadi Rod held.

The head of the wrestling league organization added about the participation of teams in these competitions: these competitions were held in 8 regions (groups) and we Based on We organized the age conditions of the 2023 World League so that one year of the youth category can also participate in it, and this will help our youth team a lot in the coming year.

help about He said: Wrestling competitions with the participation of 30 teams and 68 team meetings team and 680 ships in the preliminary stage, 9 team matches team and 90 ships in the semi-finals Ultimate And 4 matches and 40 matches were held in the final stage, and a total of 81 team matches team and 810 matches were held, and at the end of the first to third titles, teams from Mazandaran, Khuzestan and Ariacom Parham arrived in Tehran.

He said about the open wrestling competitions: this competition involves the participation of 29 teams and 74 team meetings team and 740 ships in the preliminary stage, 12 team matches team and 120 ships in the semi-finals Ultimate and 4 team meetings team and 40 matches were held in the final stage and a total of 90 matches and 900 matches were held the end The teams of Shahid Sadrzadeh Shahriar, Shirkhoda Amol and board Borujerd ships were first to third.

help In the end, he noted: regional league matches from July Current year The beginning and end of the month of November also ended, and the free and young freestyle wrestlers competed together for about 5 months, which can greatly help the development of wrestling throughout the country.

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