The end of the stock exchange today, October 30, 1402 / the rate of real money outflow slowed down – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, today’s stock market witnessed the green clothing of mass production, banking and sugar groups. Meanwhile, metals contributed a lot to the growth of the total index. On the day when 54% of market symbols were green and traded in the positive range, the rate of real money outflow slowed down and the value and volume of small transactions increased.

It seems that the removal of the obligation to sell for market makers, which was applied in the past days, has had a positive effect on the market. In addition, the 6-month reports of companies are generally positive and have drawn a clear perspective for investors.

Today, at the same time as the market transactions, the price of the dollar faced a relative decrease and returned to the channel of 49 thousand tomans. In this way, the signal of removing the political risk was sent to the stock market and calmed the trading environment.

Performance of indicators

Today, the total index of the stock market increased by 7,238 units and reached 2,32,211 units with a growth of 0.36%. At the same time, the equal weight index experienced a growth of 3,908 units and went up by 0.57% to sit at the level of 690,152 units.

On the day when the Tehran Stock Exchange was following an upward trend, the total OTC index became negative and reached the level of 25 thousand and 31 points with a decrease of 60 points.

Effective symbols

Today, the symbols of Foulad, Shapna, Femli, Thashehed and Shiran had the most positive impact and the symbols of Fakhas and Waghdir had the most negative impact on the total stock market index. Meanwhile, Sashahed, Vatusa, Foulad, Sesefha, Shepna, Tekardan and Khagstar were the most traded stock market symbols.

In the foreign exchange today, the symbols of Maroon, Shawan, Vohor, and Chosen had the most negative impact, and the symbols of Madeira, Thepardis, and Day had the most positive impact on the total index. Today, Day, Kerman, Thepardis, Bemold, Khavar, Sedbir and Fanfar were the most traded over-the-counter symbols.

Volume and value of transactions

Today, Tehran Stock Exchange witnessed transactions worth five thousand and 704 billion tomans. Today, over-the-counter transactions were worth eight thousand and 335 billion tomans.

However, the value of small transactions of shares, preemptive rights and equity funds reached 3,566 billion tomans today, and the volume of transactions of this group was 5,900,000,000 shares.

Today, the rate of withdrawal of real money from the stock market slowed down, and while 179 billion Tomans of real money were withdrawn from the market yesterday, today this index recorded the figure of 87 billion Tomans. Today, fixed income funds in the market also recorded the withdrawal of 101 billion tomans of real money. The people of the market hope that this outflow of money means entry into stock transactions.

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