The end of the stock market today, October 29, 1402/ The stock market lost its breath – Tejaratnews

According to Tejarat News, the total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange experienced two upward and downward trends today, and although it remained positive in the end, it signaled the market’s instability. Based on this, the total stock market index stood at two million and 24 thousand points with an increase of 1429 points and recorded a growth of 0.07%.

The equal-weighted index, however, experienced better conditions than the total index and showed that the stock trading situation of small and medium-sized companies was better than the index makers. Based on this, the equal weight index increased by three thousand and 268 units, equivalent to 0.48 percent, and reached the level of 686 thousand and 245 units. Today, the total index of the foreign exchange rose only 65 points and reached the level of 25 thousand and 92 units.

Effective symbols

Today, the symbols of Foulad, Nouri, Femli and Shebharan had the most negative impact, and the symbols of Khoro, Khasapa and Kegel had the most positive impact on the overall stock market index. Sesafha, Thashehed, Thaman, Khagstar, Tekardan, Tfars and Webmelt were also the most traded symbols.

Today, the symbols of Aria and Vespehr had the most negative impact, and the symbols of Shawan, Wahor, Hasina, Kausar and Khavar had the most positive impact on the total OTC index. Meanwhile, Day, Khavar, Bemold, Kerman, Shawan, Fanfare and Thepardis were the most traded OTC symbols.

Value and volume of transactions

Today, Tehran Stock Exchange experienced transactions worth four thousand and 194 billion tomans. Over-the-counter transactions were worth 9,878 billion tomans.

Today, the volume of small share transactions, preemptive rights and equity funds was 5.3 billion shares with a value of 3.335 billion tomans. It should be noted that today the stock market witnessed the outflow of 179 billion tomans of real money.

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